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Can I get a win in Warzone, PUBG, and Fortnite? Also, Turtle Beach Headset Giveaways ALL DAY!
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  1. Can't wait to hear the excuses he makes when he's losing in his own game (If it ever releases)

  2. Half a million views? 200 comments?

  3. Why is on one explaining to doc that you can bind the paddles to whatever button you want on the controller. No need to change controller binds in game

  4. Doc on controller is literally better. Makes me wonder if the talent gap has more to do with peripherals than game sense.?.?.?

  5. Im interested in that video settings. Does anyone know?

  6. MW1 was just right until Vanguard. MW2 was too slow. MW3 is too fast. Lol.

  7. Its funny when you say there is no audio when they run, it's like you should do your research before you play the game because there are perks in the game that makes your footsteps silent. It's not an audio bug, so stop getting upset if you can't hear there feet. Plus in real life war you can't hear people talking or running so why get upset when you can't hear them in game.

  8. Come to Ireland Doc, around 90% of cars are manual 😂😂

  9. 603k viewers 2/3 are children 1/3 grown dudes i love videogames don donate it some stranger never see calls you a loser yall serious lol
    jus saying he wont miss all the money yall send save it use it for christmas dudes

  10. I see we are back to the "playing a meh game, knowing its a meh game, but still playing it non-stop" arc.

  11. It's because the DOC is a great player, but he won't cheat like faze clan. That's why he's the best.

  12. It’s so crazy I never get kicked as much as Doc does lol

  13. Thank you for not playing with Zloser 🙌🏻

  14. You don't see dropshot because you don't use your sight on your weapons

  15. 1:18:30 How in tf did he lose that? Makes NO SENSE? This game either has Skill based hit reg or the servers are absolute donkey. Just wow

  16. Champs, I need help. What is the song playing at the first headset giveaway while docs dancing!?!? 🤝

  17. I never get kicked as much as Doc does, it's ridiculous

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