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  1. can't wait for Timmy tenders and lupo to join up and the gang is back. a million views would be minimum

  2. Turn alarms off with keypad on walls. Loot zombies Lso.

  3. Complains when they take his kills, complains when they don't have his back. Lose/ lose.

  4. the field of dreams should have been his answer to kevin costner a REAL CLASSIC best baseball movie of all time

  5. The download took so long It took all afternoon and I had to leave it on rest mode. When I woke up this morning it was barely at half download. Smh what are they doing to MW3???

  6. Wait didn’t he boycott Cod and now back on it and all his fan boys are too?

  7. He isn’t a cringey man when he plays this

  8. Talking about parasitic symbiotic relationships..

    Doc can't get a win without Z carrying,
    And Nobody would even know who Z is if he didn't play with doc..

  9. He nailed it. This game is great and horrible at the same time 😂

  10. Love to see doc back playing. Mostly love seeing doc back and having fun

  11. How many hours would it take to able to enjoy said guns.

  12. Audio is chalked – fast pace is a nice change, it's smooth but wow can people slip right behind you.

  13. Doc give Squad a try its what real men play

  14. just use a cronus like Zlaner and get 30bombs

  15. I'm just happy coz docs back playing warzone

  16. Lol😂is this a tournament?everyone play like theres money on the line..

  17. I will destroy Dr. Disrespect in any Athletic Phase. I AM DUCKMAN… HAHAHAHAHA… 🦆YEAH.

  18. I feel bad for Z. To play with someone that hates every second of the game for hours on end. Doc you’re a G but either change your mood or never play this franchise again

  19. lol
    yeah call of duty modern warfare 3 remake
    with a gunsmith!
    we got 25 hundred attachments
    3 million fckng guns
    armory challenges – to customize any guns to your likeness
    yeah, call of duty, haha

  20. First guy that killed doc was legit aiming at his stomach the whole time, while doc was hitting him like 3 or 4 times shoulder and up with a shotgun. Warzone weapon scaling is off to a greeeaaatt start 🙄

  21. Easy pass on this game.. cod just can't keep.up.with apex amd fortnite with fresh content

  22. Every time that BS commercial hits I think my PC is going to crash. Great choice of sound effect in the start there.

  23. Doc is so hopelessly lost in WZ. The best to ever do it though. 😂

  24. Why does Dr disrespect and he hates cod idk

  25. I like if you are playing with Cheaters – more of that please. Can't wait to see you going a nother step back

  26. Doc and everyone else playing with 40 ms on PC it’s compensation lag they are controlling who wins the gunfights

  27. Hahaha new game, ZLamer has no hacks yet 😂

  28. Zelaner hasn’t got his updated hacks yet

  29. LOVE this content Doc. Drippin in heat + VSM. Yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye

  30. Always puts a smile on our faces! Thank you DrDisRespect 😅 😜

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