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SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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1.3 Elixir Deck! Cheapest Deck in Clash Royale | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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This is the lowest elixir deck in clash royale & the cheapest clash royale deck that is playable in 2022. This clash royale 1.3 elixir deck is a low elixir deck that is the cheapest deck in clash royale out of all the low elixir cycle decks. I loved spamming this clash royale wall breaker deck proponent as my only way to get damage, since it tested my reflexes, ability to cycle, and control the pace of the game. This fastest cycle deck clash royale is the clash royale cheapest deck to ever be played in the game.

Check out the RoyaleAPI deck stats here:

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  1. While im watching this back im wondering how it would work in today's meta

  2. Actually if you drop the cure spirit with wall breakers it starts some broken mechanics where wall breakers get cured and almost always connect

  3. you man really a great player i ever seen in my life ❤❤

  4. He said there is no room for spells, log, zap, and snowball. No room for air defense, speargoblins.

  5. These videos are just enjoyable to watch. Fire

  6. I was cycling this in rage challenge mode at 3.9x elixir so I was spamming like crazy

  7. That’s awesome man!!! I’ve been watching your videos everyday man your an amazing person

  8. Bro your actually so good at this game i stg, lots of love ❤️❤️

  9. that balloon definitely let you win lets be honest

  10. VS 2.6 Hogrider and VS Lavaloon. Two of the most epic matches in CR history. And this in a row.

  11. It’s not the cheapest possible cause you could have a 2 Elixir card instead of the bomber

  12. Support sir tag I have his name added for all my purchases Nd I swipeeee I just learned so much from him from tank battles to cycle decks keep going Tag

  13. At first I was watching other clash players play but you are different 💯 n funny great vid keep them up , u should do a giant deck only

  14. That lava loon player was never seen in clash royale again💀

  15. The ballon lava guy prob rGed quuit game n deleted cr

  16. Haha i laughed the shit out of me. This was the funniest video I've ever seen.

  17. Dude the edit is so funny I laughed like more than 5 times

  18. You are better than Mohamed Light

  19. all goes well until someone places a bug push 💀💀💀💀💀

  20. Their was a time when spirit came in pack of 3 and just the barrel of goblin barrel did damage

  21. Bro love your content and this game was fun to watch

  22. The balloon game was one of the most epic things I’ve ever watched!!! The edits were great!!! Sirtag’s reaction…. It was all just perfect!

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