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Best Player in the World Only Plays This Deck | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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The best player in clash royale only plays this best clash royale deck 2022! This goblin drill deck with the bandit deck feature is an extremely aggressive, yet safe ladder deck when you learn how to cycle properly. The clash royale best player in the world only uses this deck because other clash royale top players can’t defend goblin drill & rocket cycle damage. Alphqq, the best clash royale player in the world has been the number 1 clash royale player the entire season, hundreds of trophies above the other pro clash royale players. This clash royale best deck 2022 is the best goblin drill deck 2022 & the favorite deck of the clash royale best player for good reason!

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Make sure to subscribe to my channel for daily clash royale content, where I showcase the clash royale best deck for each metagame. I mostly will play miner poison decks, control decks, and decks with any clash royale new cards that are released. The miner is my favorite clash royale legendary card, and I will typically play clash royale miner control decks the most. The decks I play are great for clash royale 12 win grand challenges, clash royale trophy pushing on ladder, and for clash royale tournaments and clan wars. I hope you guys enjoy my pro tips and tricks and my beginner tips and tricks, and I’ll see you in the arena!

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  1. Could we possibly use guards in this deck

  2. next season after night witch buff golem will be unstoppable.

    golem & lava need nerf. change my mind…

  3. Please use this deck in video: log,rocket,goblin barrel,rascals,tesla,guards,e-wiz and baby dragon👍

  4. A little late to the party but stills a great video as usual!

  5. I've been playing this deck for a month now, saw it from 3 player (Local). I love it

  6. สอนจัดตัวผู้เล่นใหม่หน่อย

  7. You read my mind!!
    I was looking for a good goblin drill deck just yesterday and this video is the answer to all my problems 🙂
    Keep up the great work and making everyone's day all the better!

  8. How is that the best deck? It has virtually no air defense. Amazing!

  9. I actually made a deck really similar to this but it has might miner in it

  10. Gow can you win against lava hound with almost no air defence?

  11. Jake thanking the goblin while the fire spirit was getting stabbed so he didn’t lose tower 🫡 no recognition 😂😂

  12. can i use goldy boi instead of bandit

  13. The top player decks always have solid defense and offense ways to play

  14. Such a nice and thrilling video once again it makes my day everyday when I go to school and I see ur videos when I have so much stress they literally make me happy watching u play and commenting to 1million!

  15. Tag play this deck:log,zap,e-barbs or dark prince, princess,bandit,goblin gang or guards, Prince and bats .This deck is very good for midlander, you can defend on the both lanes in the same time .And thanks for daily content

  16. Did u know, u can counter sparky with skeletons. Just place it at spary.

  17. I love how he said call 911 when the towers HP was at 911

  18. I have been following ur channel for almost 1 years and it has become my habit to watch ur video every day u inspired me to make video like you☺️☺️
    Thks @sirtagcr

  19. You are my fav clash royale youtuber

  20. Bro are you saying Pekka's health should be increased.

  21. Can we just appreciate how Tag uploads every day and the videos are all good

  22. Jake !! play my firebow deck plzz..xbow fire ball -fire cracker ice sprit -skeletons knight -tesla-log🙂

  23. Every time i see one of your videos it makes me think about how people can make money out of this garbage rigged piece of shit of a game


  25. What cards should i upgrade first im very good with drill and I want to max this deck but im poor

  26. why u say pekka a bad card 🙁
    great vids!

  27. I love how the 2.6 hog player was bm-ing after spamming cards the whole game


    Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort they puts into the content for us.
    Great job!

  29. I am working on getting better with this deck, just having trouble with defense. Any tips?

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