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100 Players Simulate Minecraft’s Deadliest Tournament REMATCH

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100 Players Simulate Minecraft’s Deadliest Tournament REMATCH
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More Info:
This is a Minecraft event where 100 Players Survive in a Battle Royale for a week. They will all be trying to get extra hearts by eliminating players and trying to obtain legendary weapons like the Villager Wand!

Some of the visuals and audio were recorded after the event was over, and some content is inaccurate/incomplete for the purposes of storytelling.

Edited By: SpeedSilver, Semit, iiLuna and Marbar

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  1. firewolf:running away now?
    also firewolf:600 MILES AWAY

  2. Is the number about the team like team 5 or is it like the number of the player ingeneral

  3. Bro im still waiting for vidios😢 why u dont uploading:(

  4. Without monsueur is ❤ he would be dead

  5. Omg you are the Most Wanted in Server how many You have a Team bro😂

  6. I already subbed long ago like a year or 2 or 3

  7. Man hadn’t post for 3 months that’s otta order

  8. If you need help with the warden, first of all if you set off a Shrieker three times, then the warden will spawn and if you need help the warden cannot see and if you’re on carpet, they cannot hear you

  9. And if you’re reading this, I’m just here to help you with the warden. I’ve died to it 63 times.

  10. Leeezzz gooo ized is let, btw worth to watch the vid 💖

  11. Its so sad how wisp said like book it i cant heal anymore so ima sacrifice my life

  12. Almost time we get a new video man it's been 3 months

  13. He makes it so sad everytime a teamate dies 😢

  14. Brruuhhhh why is there genshin impact battle music lol

  15. someone legit used my skin in this vid but its al lil diff

  16. bro used a banger from genshin while entering the funny end gate

  17. i have watched this series like 2 times each video

  18. Bro, that was so COOL! At the end I was thinking ‘ not silver and ize, not silver and ize!

  19. You watched till the end it was an epic battle we lost many soldiers but we won for them! For us. . .

  20. The fact I actually watched a 2 hour Minecraft video is insane 🤩🤭

  21. Wohooooooo we would love to see you with ize, commonhot, quals, and more!!!!!

  22. I wanted to see left click with the staff on the warden

  23. i like how he needs 3 to 2 months to make an 1hour long video thats just legendary keep it up

  24. This is not whaist off time whoc i loove you videos meke more 😢😢😢

  25. Download Honkai Star Rail using my link: https://hoyo.link/7bjbCzAd and make sure to use this code: HSRVER10XEDLFE to get 50 Stellar Jades!

    Hope you all enjoyed this video!!! This one took much longer to make since it was so long, but expect much more frequent videos in future 😀

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