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100 Players Simulate Minecraft’s Deadliest Tournament

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100 Players Simulate Minecraft’s Deadliest Tournament
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This is a Minecraft Social Experiment where 100 Players Simulate The Hunger Games over a week. They will all be trying to obtain legendary weapons like the Midas Sword!

Edited By: Silver, iiLuna, Eldi, MindOfNeo and Marbar

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  1. Pls more content like this pls and I subed

  2. Dude yelling players at 55:39 is legit annoying. Everything about him. Not giving you the notch apple. His annoying voice his crappy mic. How loud he is on said crappy mic. Never invite dude to another event ngl

  3. Commonhat and Avoma are the most aggressive ppl I’ve ever seen

  4. Speedsilver believed in his teammates, more than anyone could ever did

  5. Bro suep is a betrayal he literally was in his caves and cliffs manhunt

  6. 11:49 why did he make a book he already had 60 books💀

    I had already watched this video when it first came out but I just watch his videos like 2 times and I must have missed this part

  7. is no one talking abt how avoma rolls up with suep and invictable in full unenchanted iron whilst there in full enchanted netherite 😅

  8. Ok who realized someone typing in chat that notch aka silver was silver just go check it’s the time when silver found the end city with the elytra

  9. you were almost soloing the event really , youre a amazing pvp player honestly , great video , soo good that i actully watched 3 videos in a row , just couldnt stop XD

  10. R.I.P blanck100 forgotten about 52:01 messages to say if silver still wants him…

  11. bro had me shaking during the final fight with common hat

  12. My man sliver has the strongest legs ever, he fell 10,000,000 blocks still survived

  13. silver literally told alex to run but no she kept on fighting and died😭

  14. even tho this is obviously scripted, it actually feels like a movie, great character develompent, antagonists, story, deaths, arcs, everything about this video makes it so cool, ngl

  15. Tôi là người việt nam và rất thích những video của bạn mặc dù tui không hiểu bạn nói gì cả 😂😂😂

  16. is noone gonna talk about his teammate blank that he like literally left

  17. Your always risking it and i like that personality 😅

  18. Commonhat is the best rival for silver if they fight is very cool to watch and I like it that they team the other video

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