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1,000 Player Battle Royale DEAD – This Week In Gaming | FPS News

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  1. A titan fall VR game would make total sense. As long as you’re view is from the cockpit it would mitigate motion sickness for most people much how space flight VR games do. That way they can enjoy FPS without feeling weird and disoriented

  2. I mean did y’all really think a lot of players were gonna work in cod when 12v12 barely even worked lol

  3. Wonder how many times this has been said? I don't want cross play….. I have never ran into a cheater on PS4, now on my PC i see cheaters every time I log into any game, which is why i don't play FPS on PC at this point.

  4. Teal'c, former First Prime of Apophis says:

    I am honestly extremely pumped for the new modern warfare

  5. Marita is a really nice map, but it’s very out of control

  6. Are dice gonna be adding morr nations to the game or? Im pretty sure they said something about it but im not sure

  7. Dont give up hope just yet. Planetside Arena is still in development and are promising a 500-1000 player BR.

  8. Wrong planetside 2 is gonna have a thousand player royal along with other game modes. Check out planetside 2 though free game huge battle that can have up to 100 v 100

  9. Because of borderlands 3 releasing on the 13 of Sept and Shadow keep being the same week they delayed it for those who didn't know

  10. How can they ban gta v for gambling when there are thousands of mobile games where you can buy currency with real money?

  11. Idk why games think we want more battle royale that shit died in 2018

  12. calling a 2 day "test" a beta its like calling trump a president

  13. Bungie: We're making Destiny 2 free-to-play!
    Players: Wow, really?
    Bungie: No.

  14. Battle royale this battle royale that…ugh.

  15. Actual in game gambling for real money, great job there GTA, definitely no cultural awareness whatsoever over there at Rockstar or maybe they just think they are immune to regulation

  16. Good. Now to get rid of the rest of them.

  17. FYI 2K games hired goons to go intimidate a youtuber who was covering PUBLIC leaked info on borderlands 3. Do what you wish with that information, personally I will not be purchasing the new title anymore

  18. I cannot stand conquest on marita but any other gamemode i love

  19. Activision will fuck it up…. They always do

  20. Mfw a new Battlefield update comes with a bug

  21. Mfw a new Battlefield update comes with a bug

  22. Was just sitting thinking. OMG I mean, its prolly not possible so no surprise but just ACTUALLY IMAGINE for a second. A 1k player BR. Fucking hell it'd be great wouldnt it? I mean prolly not for the newbs that cant shoot but man, you could really really chew through some meat haha. It'll happen one day. When my grandkids are playing games, lucky buggers. Never forget the golden age. I started with a Gameboy, then we got Commodore 64. Then Mega Drive, PS1, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, then shit started to go wrong with PS3/360. I am the lucky one really

  23. Visibility this visibility that fuck visibility it makes it more realistic

  24. I wanna play battlefield but bf5 is just so bad I need dice to make a bf3 type battlefield plss


  26. Was it planetside arena? Its a 1k br game in making

  27. Level I've been watching you since the beginning of the battlefield 3 days keep it up man! You should do a video about your PC and what you game on. I'm interested in gaming on PC so it would be cool to see what you use for such smooth and impressive game play. What hardware is it going to take for me to start recording high quality gameplay

  28. Any news on al Sudan for big moods on bf5 cuz getting annoyed that. That map dose not work fully

  29. the highest price the vive cosmos should be is 500

  30. You missed The fact that saints row is getting a new sequel

  31. I wonder why maybe because it bot triple a so very few people know so that really doesn’t really help

  32. BlairWitchProject! I’m looking forward to that game releasing

  33. 1k battle royale was very interesting, not including the fact that you needed a lot to have players connect to the same match, but to have 1000 people you gotta be careful pretty much with every move. Just too interesting.

  34. How does a 360 remaster take too much memory for the Xbox one.

  35. Please talk about Hunt Showdown and its 1.0 Update release

  36. We finally live in a timeline where COD is realistic and battle royales are dying…


  37. Plot twist: The 1000 battle royale died because they're making a 10000 battle royale.

  38. Where was the teaser trailer for kerbal space program 2

  39. first was thinking it will be about Mortal Royale.that game also went to market as a 1k players/match BR

  40. Most people probably don’t have the time to play a full 1000 player lobby, or it would just get boring fast.

  41. Who the fuck expected a 1000 player battle royale to sell and be a good game, hell, who expected it to be able to run stably

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