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12 Win Grand Challenge with Best Wizard Deck in Clash Royale

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In today’s video I’ll be playing a grand challenge going from 0 to 12 wins using the only good wizard deck in clash royale! I hope you guys enjoy the video, subscribe for more content!

Deck link:

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  1. What up boss I haven't watched your vids in a while, but whenever they pop up I click! lookin good bro and repsect for still posting consistently! I stopped playing CR a few years ago but still love your gameplay and input on decks/metas

  2. always have loved watching you because of how professional you are, and its great to see that you also aren't afraid to be yourself. I havent played CR in years but you still are one of my favorite yters. just the way you carry yourself and present yourself while still remaing casual is very impressive. you have great commentary too

  3. They should make wizard have the same health as the queen

  4. I could play 100 grand challenges and never see players this bad , your account is marked or something

  5. Wow this new camera is following you whenever u move 😮

  6. Boss avoid criticizing his opponents when they do a bad play and just say interesting proof how good and respectful human he is

  7. 48:38 After doing the math of 4 miner hits and subtracting the damage from the nado. He would’ve won by 22 damage😬

  8. 24:50 waiting for you to say because you were saying that freeze is bad?! In 5:25😂

  9. i think skele king is better against drills than bowler

  10. Happy to see the Wizard get some appreciation for once. Not just getting shitted on.

  11. Wizards need to be seen in every deck like goblins 😅

  12. Respect to the cameraman who follows Boss' head 🙏🏼

  13. Royal ghost is a very good drill counter

  14. Wow, ion look at your webcam much but you are really handsome and good at this game

  15. If you didn’t know boss and his videos, that thumbnail and title looks like mega clickbait lmao I can’t wait to watch some good ol wizard beatdown 😳

  16. In the last game you should've activated king from the start with the goblins

  17. please fix the lag, I enjoy watching your videos but the lag really detracts from the viewing experience

  18. That connection with the giant skeleton with the fisherman is insane. How would you be able to stop such a thing?

  19. The only good wizard deck in the game

    Me at 7000 trophies noticing EVERYONE USES WIZARD

  20. Freeze is annoying because it can change the pace of a match. You can slow momentum, by yourself time, or capitalize on offense. Not to mention the element of surprise if you don't use it, or the anxiety of when are you going to use it if you have before.

  21. I have denisito added crazy he gets to #9 with this deck

  22. I just shit on rg with this deck, its actually pretty strong

  23. Way better discussing deck during first match instead of at start.

  24. Piss on learning proper use of the word hindsight and stop saying,"he played good, I played good" and start saying, "I played well, he played well".

  25. i think they should make a special challenge where u can store infinite elixir in your bar or maybe just 100 or something

  26. Bro you gotta stop looking cuter every video it’s so hard not to compliment you every time 😩🤦🏾‍♂️

  27. That 2nd opponent is what I face in midladder except they have 1-2 overleveled cards than me

  28. Hindsight – "understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed". I'd say you are using it correctly under the Oxford dictionary.

  29. Bros going for the midladder players views now

  30. All wizard need little bit Heath and he good Balance changes

  31. make a video for best cards to upgrade during slash royale event

  32. Nah that hindsight usage was fine. U can also use ‘retrospect’ same meaning.

  33. Isn’t skelly king also a good drill counter?

  34. while playing the gob hut mirror deck with fireball i learned a fireball and a mirrored fireball destroys anything an egolem player can place at the bridge and some

  35. wizards always been my secret fav card but i never use him cuz i just feel like its a toxic card

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