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16 FREE games coming in 2022

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Free-to-play games have become a staple part of our gaming diet. As long as we understand they want our cash through micro-transactions we’ll be prepared. Here’s 16 games releasing for FREE over 2022!

* Rumbleverse – 40-player Brawler Royale
* Tom Clancy’s XDefiant – Arena/Hero shooter
* Arc Raiders – Team Co-op shooter
* KartRider: Drift – Kart racer
* Deathverse: Let is Die – Melee Battle Royale
* Multiversus – Platform fighter
* Division: Heartland – TBC
* Ghost Recon Frontline – Survival shooter
* Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – OG Battle Royale
* Century: Age of Ashes – Aerial combat
* Roller Champions – Sports
* Knives Out Extreme – Battle Royale
* Blood Hunt – Vampire Battle Royale
* Scavengers – Online survival battleground
* Caliber – Team Tactical Shooter
* League of Legends Wild Rift – Battle Arena


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  1. i am excited for multiverse roller champions and league of legends what u guys think

  2. Knives out has been out for a while in Japan, I ha e the game o my Japanese account. There is a player base the the Japanese guys are really friendly to play with, the game is a bit unpolished on console so there probably polishing it up for the western release. The mobile version is a bit bare bones but still fun to play but can't compete with codm, pubgm and freefire but as said before stilll a fun game to play and the female characters are the mai attraction In Japan lol.

  3. these battle royales are just getting lame and same old news. I feel like instead of making games with good stories and uniquely creative ideas they're just copying and pasting same mechanics and adding new face paint

  4. why do i have a feeling that rumbleverse is gonna end up like knockout city

  5. is rumbleverse ceossplay??? and also when is the realeased date??

  6. theres a multivers on ps3 and its just an upgrade

  7. Lol but if we didnt have this game we wouldn’t have fortnite sorry but no one likes fortnite anymore

  8. Listen man don't say that 6:20 your life does mean something, you'll surely hit 2M soon

  9. Please sony make all this game 100% free to play

  10. I can’t wait to curb stomp some random 10 year old as shaggy.

  11. "A deep sea diver with a hammer bigger than your mum".
    Is it the diver or the hammer? Also none of them are bigger than my mom. You'd have to get it wayyyyy bigger.

  12. Why is all the game company's going the lazy route and making another goddamm battle royale

  13. can’t wait to see ultra shaggy in multi-versus

  14. "a deep sea diver with a hammer bigger than your mum" 💀💀💀

  15. He will attack you with a hammer bigger than your mum😂😂😂😂

  16. Please tell me i can play as Elmer Fudd in Multi Versus! If not he should at least be a dlc.
    I have always identified as him, i think he's awesome.

  17. I got exited for this year until I heard frontline won't be on ps4, i got sad a bit

  18. Just a point: we DID HAVE Fortnite before PUBG, just not the multiplayer Battle Royal aspect

  19. Yeah not a huge fan because I already have gta and I don’t like arc so yeah this is another disappointing month for me

  20. Whait arc raiders witl bee free
    YESSSS 🖐️😁🖐️

  21. When I play rumbleverse my only goal is to make Akuma

  22. As long as multiverse makes better maps. SSB has them mall soley beat in that category

  23. I Just noticed a lot of the characters in multiverses are in brawlhawla like fin and jake and Steven and garnet

  24. "if multiversus becomes popular we can expect characters from the movies and tv shows to be added"

    me:just give me neo and im unstopabble

  25. Multi verse is my number one just bruh my childhood is in this game Tom And Jerry

    good memories

  26. I still don’t see the games and they say they not released yet when it is 2022

  27. I'm getting arc raiders👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  28. If the tom clancy games aint on ps4 i will cry

  29. Rumbleverse and Multiversus be lookin’ goooood. Any games interest you?

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