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16 FREE games coming in 2022

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Free-to-play games have become a staple part of our gaming diet. As long as we understand they want our cash through micro-transactions we’ll be prepared. Here’s 16 games releasing for FREE over 2022!

* Rumbleverse – 40-player Brawler Royale
* Tom Clancy’s XDefiant – Arena/Hero shooter
* Arc Raiders – Team Co-op shooter
* KartRider: Drift – Kart racer
* Deathverse: Let is Die – Melee Battle Royale
* Multiversus – Platform fighter
* Division: Heartland – TBC
* Ghost Recon Frontline – Survival shooter
* Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – OG Battle Royale
* Century: Age of Ashes – Aerial combat
* Roller Champions – Sports
* Knives Out Extreme – Battle Royale
* Blood Hunt – Vampire Battle Royale
* Scavengers – Online survival battleground
* Caliber – Team Tactical Shooter
* League of Legends Wild Rift – Battle Arena


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  1. This is the first guy who said "pls sub" and I really did

  2. Holy crap I’m so sick of battle royales smh 🙄🙄🙄

  3. anyone wanna play League of Legends wild rift ? Yeah me neither

  4. Game makers are sure hopping on the battle Royale band wagon

  5. I will solo arc raiders cuz I have no friends

  6. pov youve been waiting for roller champions since 2019

  7. xdefiaint is not a good game I got to try it out and i gotta say its dissapointing

  8. can someone tell me wehen the game well be on the ps4!!??!?!

  9. Someone knows how many of all these 16 games, will be released to xbox one too?

    I know that some games will be ps exclusives, just like genshin impact was, but all i have is a old xbox one.

  10. I love how deathverse is the same as deathloop

  11. so depressed that all the coming shooters setup for teamplay… what if you have no friends to play with? the random team mix up is always bad as can be. you get kids and trolls in your team and most of all time you are the only who get something going and if the team still lose than its your fault of course and you get blamed for being mortal fair player. i wish myself back into a time where you could singlerun shooters and not had to care about people that dont give a sht about you in return.

  12. To be honest this is the best year for free games right now

  13. These games are looking great! Can't wait to see new playstation plus and playstation now games coming out!

  14. Even if these games are free I bet my pc couldn't even run any of these games

  15. So blood hunt will not be available on ps4 😞

  16. The sad thing is, half of these games looms the same 😔

  17. I want to try new Ubisoft game free to play on PlayStation store?!

  18. When XDefiant coming?, will xdefiant coming February 2022?

  19. I bet all these games areonly gonna come to ps5 and not xbox ;(

  20. Really excited for Arc Riders, looks awesome.
    Hope I don't get disappointed!

  21. wildrift is the best, I can get more challenging moba game experience and don't forget about wombo combo I really like it

  22. I Cant wait for Xdefiant… I have been waiting so long for the test runs

  23. Can't wait for the half year exams to end 😢

  24. ubisoft making a competitive shooter sounds kinda like a bad idea. if they keep up with patches and stuff it might be okay..

  25. PUBG is a classic glad its going free to play

  26. Fall Guys may become Free2Play this year, idk if its this year, but i just know that Fall Guys could go free2play

  27. Multi-Versus looks fun and tom Clancy xdefiant 👀

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