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New Hog Cycle Deck Outplays Every Opponent | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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In the clash royale arena where today’s focus is the hog cycle deck. As a seasoned cr player, I’m here to showcase the hog rider deck, a staple in clash royale decks. This hog cycle, especially the hog rider cycle deck, represents the pinnacle of strategy and agility in clash royale. We’ll delve into why the hog rider is a key component in the best clash royale deck and how to effectively use the hog rider deck clash royale style. For those seeking the best hog rider deck or just an efficient hog deck, this session will cover all the nuances of mastering the hog rider cycle. Get ready for some high-octane clash royale cycle deck action!

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  1. i love that you use the mario kart wii music!

  2. What do you think this deck would be like running skeletons in the evolved spot instead of the night?

  3. Man I hate this card the little prince is just good with every deck it just gets repetitive most the time, I haven’t played this much of the new season they came out and I’m not gonna play till they nerf the heck out of the little prince but I still love watching your videos I’ll still watch them

    Nerf that card

  4. "Fastest hog cycle deck in the game"
    2.0 little prince hog😑

  5. 11:29 isnt that Mugi? Feel like a former world champ would be rank 6 pretty easily. That would make sense. I know hes got a Chinese account that looks kinda like that one did

  6. I'm not a fan of Hog rider… he's very good don't get me wrong, just nor a fan. Right now it's a Little Prince & Hog rider meta. 😢

  7. Great video. I have not laughed like that in a long time. Thanks

  8. Tag. I have been an ancient 2.6 player for a long time and trying this deck out has been amazing. I am running Evo skeletons (don’t have Evo knight yet) still ice spirit and still fireball for a 2.8 deck. The defense and counters are great for the mid ladder menace decks. The 3 card cycle with little prince you showed is an amazing option to break through defensive towers when it was impossible before with 2.6!


  10. Bro iam supporting u from clash of clans 😂

  11. Would love to see this idea happen, guardian will only attack whatever hitting the little prince, otherwise will hit stuff close to it like usual to well “PROTECT THE HEIR” itll make more sense as a ‘guardian’


  13. Many cards like hog rider / executioner/mega knight etc. need Nerf clash dosent pay attention on it they are busy making new offers

  14. 10:30 That’s probably because most players dont play log and snowball in the same deck lmao

  15. Yk it’s bad when some of the best players in clash royale are still sitting at 7k

  16. Why all the time cycle t deck play with heavy deck all the time whit the boring cycle deck

  17. The background noise during introduction was terrible, just a friendly feedback.

  18. Im surprise when he have sao in the thumbnail

  19. Its been a long time since u got top 500

  20. Can you do a video on mo lights evo mortar miner deck. Lots of people like Mo and Pedro are using it and it’s really good

  21. Mini Pikka as Mr. Bean was absolutely delightful. Loved it, have a great day Jake!

  22. evolved knight is the only evo I don't have, have 3 shards but that means 3 more seasons or I buy him, never see him though, best evo in the game and I can't get him

  23. I got a soft spot for the musketeer but I suppose I could try the little prince

  24. From almost winning against the top 6 to destroying graveyard truly was great

  25. I am the only ond here with no evo cards so i would apreciate if u can specify what cards to put instead the evo ones

  26. sir tag always asserts his dominance

  27. this deck is absolutely disgusting with the way im knocking up the princess, tower with my hog riders!! another amazing vid mr tag

  28. Wait why is there only one air card???? Not even royal recrutes spell thing

  29. Are your opponents letting you win? I only ask because no one plays like this in game just placing 1 card at a time they spam everything in behind a megaknight its game over theres no response to it

  30. Maybe the guy is good with this deck but a hog deck without EQ or FB is kinda weird

  31. Bro lost the game against top 6 but he won the war

  32. Hi thx for the time u put into these videos can u do this deck hog rider and Evo skeletons that is low elixir if u have time 🙏

  33. You're my second favourite cr ytuber rn, i like your commentary

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