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2v1 (Clash Royale) 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Picking the CHEAPEST cards on the left and picking the most EXPENSIVE cards on the right in 2v2 challenge. ZERO LOSSES (except 2 losses)

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  1. Oj bro can u show ur full emote collection in clash royale in the next video

  2. OJ in 2030:- Winning CRL Just for Fun 😂😂

  3. OJ: archers survive!
    that one skele drag: no, no i dont think they will

  4. The cheese master carrys us and himself🧀🧀🧀

  5. Thanks OJ love your videos keep on going with these. And thanks for your sponsor script, love the game in minutes in playing it. Can't wait to see how this channel grows.

  6. Fire spirit shouldn't kill all Goblins in goblin barrel it should kill one goblin

  7. I hope OJ is also going to make videos on this new game Nova Island. I am going to love it to watch those videos.

  8. oj i discoverd a new cheese:frank and ruff with 2nd sp

  9. I remember you did this like 2 or so years ago
    The 1v2 thing not the cheap expensive Thing

  10. I had 5 wins and 3 losses, both my friends helped me but after the fifth one, yeah we lost I really wanted that Clone spell

  11. Funny part is i dont play clash of clans

  12. Hi oj can you please play tribile draft

  13. i’ve tried playing 2v2 by myself. it’s actually insanely hard to look at both of your cards while playing

  14. oj : beating the challenge

    oj : also beating the challenge


    I am Torchy Aaaaand I am not Play Clash Royel .. Soo I am not there

  16. Women playing 2 accounts simultaneously : how tf can i focus i only got 1 brain
    Oj and men playing 2 accounts : HAHA SHAME ON U WE GOT 2 HEADS

  17. When OJ uploads 1am in your country and you can't sleep

  18. I recomend trying this deck its a op cyckle. Dart goblin, goblin cage, log, bomber, ice spirit, goblin barrel, skelektons and tesla

  19. play with just barbs and goblins (or you can du that)

  20. 6:35 – giant in the pocket, goblin giant in the pocket…that was so funny😅

    Actually, the whole video was very funny😆

  21. ZERO LOSSES (ok maybe 2 but we dont talk about them. You lost to make us panic at the last game. It's just big brain)

  22. Oj: talking about how nova island is unique and has head to head card battles. Also Oj: playing clash royale

  23. can you imagine the rival team being like two OJs?!

  24. Oj can i join your clan please 🥺🥺 my trophy is 4756 and i m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  25. I done this before. You can build the perfect 16 card deck. So much fun.

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