3 Games That No One Plays In India 😞 #shorts | Itsme Boyzz - battle-crest.com

3 Games That No One Plays In India 😞 #shorts | Itsme Boyzz

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∆ IN This Video I’m gonna talk about, 3 Games That No One Plays In India ! 😱

3 Games That No One Plays! 😱

Farlight 84 Gameplay Credit – Zadoo

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  1. Mein khelta hun battle prime ❤😂😂 badhiya hai

  2. bro I play pokemon unite and battle prime too

  3. Free fire is love and king of games fornite mere laude pe free fire jinda baat❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Fornite 14 gb + needed to download ☠️

  5. Buy Telugu gamers fortnite khelte Hain

  6. We litteraly beat japan in pokemon unite

  7. Glad that I play multiple games and NEVER that one overrated peice of poop (BGMI)

  8. People in India don't play Fortnite 🚫

    People in India can't play Fortnite, cause they are poor, they can't afford to buy a pc 🤡✔️

  9. India bans multiplayer games like fortnite this is the reason

  10. But I am an indian and I plays pokemon unite everyday

  11. Who plays Fortnite and they are from India

  12. Kyuki fortnight Play Store per available nhi h

  13. Bhai mere level 50 and master pe ho me Pokemon unite me😂

  14. Bhai ekdam topa admi ho kya be India me beast boy shut mythpat aur aise kai YouTube fortnite khelte hai
    Bikul bevede ho yar tum bahut pagal admi ho yar fortnite hamara bhai aur unke dost bhi khelte hai
    Ham khud apne doston ke sath khelte hai ekdam murkh jade budhi admi ho yar

  15. Mai Fortnite or pokémon unite dono khel ya hu😊

  16. Pubg is the best 😎😎❤️

  17. Bhai ye fortnite ke device requirement zada hai isliye nehi khelta bhai

  18. Bhai ma fortnight and Pokemon unite khel ta hu

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