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  1. This dude can wipe out a team of top global players. Fuck Garena for isolating best players

  2. It's funny how an Average skilled player named Narco calls himself the best, clearly he haven't encounter this guy. 😂

  3. Bibi ka hindi mo kinukuha yung loadout ng lalaban😅

  4. hello mate, i have a game need promo. Pls give me your contact

  5. Hello,.dol amh codm ba tlaga Yan Kasi ng download po ako Nyan SA pc para Puri MGA army po hindi din Kita Yung move katawan,..baril lng

  6. Dol pahingi CP battle pass para bili ko ng magandang baril 😅

  7. Full of bots … all his video were bots…… in codm is there anyone who shows a true players as an enemy ….😂😂😂😂 most codm streamer were like playing against with a noobs players and showing off…..

    If you guys are really good enough .. show playing room against a true good player …

    You wont last for a sec 😂😂😂😂😂

    Face the facts and just accept it…..

    Next time , upload somthing which is real 😢

  8. Nc video tol sana gumaling din ako sa codm kagaya mo

  9. Sana makalaban mo si yanrique yt or ang pinaka malupit na player na si idol parker yt😊

  10. Craziest movement and reactions I've seen so far

  11. Wtf was the 9th dude doing? He was just standing still on the board lmfao

  12. Bored content mo pre
    The best content ni Pader

  13. You might be able to kill as many as 90 but in the end what matters is survival not the kills …
    PS: hirap kalaban kapag yan lang ginagawa buong araw asahan mo ng masasawi sa ganyang klase ng kalaban

  14. This is not a solo v squad game play, those guys were attacked by an platoon

  15. 4:36. Intelligent play. He saw he was a short gunner and had to skate to a distance and finish him off

  16. You are the best player ever in codm. Keep it up 👍👍

  17. kaya ko din yan eh pero yung device ko hindi🥲

  18. Idol Tokyo pano ka nakakaslide pag nag aarmor

  19. Nag yt nagbukas nang cod natalo,nanuod uli nang yt 😢

  20. Idol penge ako code ng hub nyoo😅

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