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5 Games That COPIED Fortnite Battle Royale!

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5 Games That Copied Fortnite Battle Royale!


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  1. So the realm royale is only pc game? That's so sad cause that game is kinda cool for me 😜

  2. Fortnite is baned on ios so ye i have to play other games right brouh?

  3. Lol funny how you say other games have copied fortnite but not showing that fortnite literally copied the whole design, game structure from a free multiplayer game called "Loadout"

  4. That is old rocket royale new rocket royale look better


  6. Mdrrr parce que vous croyez que fortnite à créer le battle royal ?

    NON, donc on peut plus dire que fortnite à copier PUBG.

  7. I used to watch you when gaming was fun i miss the old days

  8. – "So why not play Fortnite instead"
    Oh will you pay for my next PC after this one dies?

  9. Creative destruction came before Fortnite was made

  10. What is the first game name pls anybody tell pls pla

  11. LOL what? no one can copy fortnite since it copied pubg and minecraft hunger games

  12. Creative destruction take more longer to kill plus you're not playing with pro like me and other people

  13. I came here looking for a ripoff so i can play something other than fortnite lol

  14. btw its not room royael its ream royael

  15. tbh i dont think anyone cares now because alot of peope dont play it now its just a bunch of 10 year olds

  16. Rocket royale had me laughing but the death animation was cool

  17. Creative Destrution is now closed permanently 🙁

  18. Whats the name of the forst game pls i wana dowload it

  19. Im going to play this creative destruction

  20. That was not mincraft fortnite that was a server bro

  21. That's funny because Minecraft had battle royale back in 2011, perhaps you should do some research before speaking

  22. Bro called minecraft a ripoff
    Minecraft litterally came out first are you stupid

  23. Minecraft did copy Fortnite its e new game mode

  24. Lmaaoooo just realized Fortnite copied realm royale's mounts

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