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50 Secrets In Fortnite Chapter 3

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  1. Where is Fred did you forgot about him

  2. I’m a mobile pro I’m playing on phone and got ban ;-; I just want to play in mobile but now I play ps4 but still doesn’t fell right just need mobile 🙁

  3. Ryan renolds was the first to have two skins in fortnite

  4. No it makes sense cause endgame took place in season 8 chapter one and salty was on the map then

  5. wait wait wait the mcu is not broken thor just did not update fornite

  6. what about deadpool and guy for ryan renalds

  7. The gnome has been made of brick since early chapter 2

  8. Scarlet Johansson has had 2 skins before Zendaya 2 black widow skins

  9. This man’s Chanel would be dead if fortnite didn’t exist

  10. If any people see this comment face off… it’s about drive it’s about power we stay hungry we devour put in the work put in the hours and take what’s hours

  11. Myth if you use a prop disguise on a vending machine you will get secret dialogue

  12. Zendaya was the first real life person to get a skin added twice what about Ryan Reynolds’s and Ariana grande

  13. I think I know how the MCU timeline would work with salty springs. At the time we see it being played, half the world’s population didn’t exist, so epic games might have stopped updating the game due to a lack of employees.

  14. Not just Zendaya there is also dude and deadpool

  15. They talk about mortal combat being to violent sure ok Fortnite: LETS DO A COLLABORATION WITH GEARS OF WAR!!!

  16. “Mortal kombat is way too violent”

    Fortnite: Has Marcus Fenix

  17. So wish we could have got Matrix skins 😔

  18. 2:58 that just sounds like bull when they did collabs with rick and morty, god of war, resident evil, wolverine(the guy stabs people), alien, jhon wick, predator, dead pool, and the walking dead

  19. I'm actually so mad that epic wanted to collab with street fighter instead of mortal kombat

  20. I made something that I’m hoping you’ll put in a vid. I found a chest in a legendary chest

  21. I'm sick of concerts, sweats, The "Metaverse"

  22. I'm sick of concerts, sweats, The "Metaverse"

  23. Lol i just Watch free guy last night😂

  24. Top5gaming "moding is so close I can taste it" me "what does it taste like"

  25. I’m surprised I never noticed the mortal combat reference in the season 3 trailer , its kinda cool

  26. I knew you can do that llama trick before this vid

  27. By the way, I think u might know this but you can also swing on ravens

  28. 5:40 January 9 2019 was my birthday 3 years ago. And it is once again January 9th!! Its my birthday

  29. The most popular game in the world fortnite really roblox has over 10billion players

  30. 5:00 this secret with brick i founded in Chapter 3. i dont lie.

  31. By The Way If You Look Through The Weapons In The Creative Menu One Of The Options Is “Customizable Weapons.” I Just Think Its A Cool Secret And Maybe You Could Put It In Your Next Video 🙂

  32. Not to be that guy but aerial assault trooper isn’t the rarest skin, the renegade raider is because you needed to be 5 levels higher for the renegade raider

  33. You know I don’t understand why pc gets an exclusive skins all the time but wen it comes to Nintendo switches they say no what the heck man

  34. Hey T5G ummm i wanna tell you somethign that nobody is talking about but there is a lever action shotgun in the fortnite ch3 trailer the gears of war skin is using and drops it the male gears of war skin

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