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8 New Games Like Fortnite That Could Be the Next Battle Royale Hit

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Fortnite has been a phenomenal success, but there are Battle Royale inspired games that are lining up for a shot at that same glory. Here are 8 new games that could well be the next Fortnite. Subscribe to Outside Xbox for more:

While you might feel like Fortnite is all you need in a game, each of these Battle Royale or Battle Royale inspired games has its own twist on the formula, which changes the gameplay. Whether that’s introducing audience participation like in SOS, adding more survival elements like The Darwin Project or just straight up being Overwatch Battle Royale, like Paladins: Battlegrounds plans to be. Hey if you’re going to borrow ideas from two games, Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are a pretty good pick.

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  1. Quick update #1 Apex Legends. Got 10 millions players in 5 days

  2. Survival games is also stealing from Pixel Gun

  3. it’s funny watching this now and seeing how none of these games are doing all that much, and Apex dropped out of nowhere and did really well

  4. paladins battleground assholes made it its own game

  5. I love fortnight I hate fortnight I’ll stick to fortnight 🤘🤘🇨🇦

  6. why YouTube i searched fortnite is the best game no other game can replace it and i got this shitty video

  7. /e delete every battle royale game but leave fortnite

  8. Then Apex legends came along and beat everyone

  9. Is were anyother game with a building mechanic like fortnite?
    I dont want BR i want a fuvking buildshooter,
    Pls tell me if u know one <3

  10. Island of the Nyne in at least one way sounds like Bungie could sue.

  11. Paladins battle ground turned into realm royale

  12. paladins battlegrounds is literally realm royale

  13. To have a game more popular than Fortnite, we need a new original Battle Royale game. That was why Fortnite was so popular, bc it was a battle Royale like no other. U can build and it was like a cartoon survival game. No other BR games have building. The next Fortnite needs to come up with an original idea

  14. Apex legends how did you not add it I know you know it exists

  15. Darwin on pc really needs players maybe some on Xbox too PLZ DONT LET THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME GO ITS ALSO FREE GIVE IT A TRY PLZZ

  16. At this point in time any game is gonna replace it like minecraft is already doing it and cod will probably make a comeback too with mw and apex will become a lot more popular

  17. Lol just watched this after the turbo building nerf

  18. Wtf are you saying games that would go downhill?

  19. A Reason to not play al of this game 🙂

  20. 2020: Fortnite is dead. The king is comeback. M i n e c r a f t

  21. I'd choose none of those..I'd still with fortnite. Fortnite has an advantage when you can mater building and out think your enemies vs. Just being a better shot. Mix the two together and you have fortnite one of the most popular games to date.

  22. I don’t get what’s so special about fortnite

  23. I just want the construction element on another game

  24. I just want Fortnite with out all of epics mistakes and a company that LISTENS to the community

  25. apex legends:im about to end fortnites whole career

  26. Haven't even watched it and I hope it's true Fortnight sucks

  27. this is how you make a big game like Fortnite and Minecraft imo

    Plan simple and straight forward

    Kid like fun and bright
    odd fortnite building and editing and Minecraft pixel block like aspect there had never been anything like it witch made it new an fun

    basically make a game like no one ever thought of that is new and simple there had never been anything like fortnite building and editing and Minecraft's pixel block aspect and pvp

  28. None of these will be the next fortnite or Minecraft to topple Minecraft and or fortnite its gonna be a calming odd game that no one really thought would be a hit just like Minecraft and Fortnite both were odd games weird graphics cartoonish and CALM or Fortnite used to be but still its not gonna be another realistic shooter don't get me wrong it could be very popular but not like Fortnite and or Minecraft

  29. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? says:

    im super bored of fortnite? who else?

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