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8 New Games Like Fortnite That Could Be the Next Battle Royale Hit

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Fortnite has been a phenomenal success, but there are Battle Royale inspired games that are lining up for a shot at that same glory. Here are 8 new games that could well be the next Fortnite. Subscribe to Outside Xbox for more:

While you might feel like Fortnite is all you need in a game, each of these Battle Royale or Battle Royale inspired games has its own twist on the formula, which changes the gameplay. Whether that’s introducing audience participation like in SOS, adding more survival elements like The Darwin Project or just straight up being Overwatch Battle Royale, like Paladins: Battlegrounds plans to be. Hey if you’re going to borrow ideas from two games, Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are a pretty good pick.

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  1. Why the f**k is radical heights and H1Z1 on this list!?!?!

  2. I got a harry potter ad at the beginning

  3. Actually i think, most people when they heard "Chicken Dinner" would have thought about casinos and winning big

  4. If this was made any later I would hope that they would have put ROE on this list

  5. I was playing Darwin project while watching this

  6. Once fortnite dies the battle royal genre dies the whole thing is an overhyped trend end of story

  7. Lawbreakers was a game I wanted to try there was a tournament at a baseball stadium and I went there was introduced to the game and proceeded to amaze the creators by my gameplay When I’ve never played it before :3

  8. My favorite game will kill firtnite tomorrow

  9. creative destruction can beat fortnite.
    Because its compatible with more Android devices than Fortnite

  10. Who wants battleroyale overwatch that may or may not workout

  11. But they don't have Marshmello event

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