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8 NEW Upcoming BATTLE ROYALE Games in 2021/2022 (PC PS4 PS5 XBOX iOS Android) Battle Royale Games

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In this video, we take a look at the TOP 8 NEW Upcoming BATTLE ROYALE Games in 2021 and 2022. Which game are you the most interested in? Do you have games we might have missed? Comment your thoughts on the 8 Upcoming Battle Royale Games Coming in 2021/2022!

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Games present in this list-

Super Animal Royale-

Hunters Arena Legends (PS4,PS5)-


Vampire: The Masquerade Battle Royale-

Scavengers (PS4,PS5)-

Last Man Sitting-

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier-


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  1. i dont play every battle royale, mainly apex and bits of spellbreak, the 1st game looks cool, guess u guys dont like competitive stuff….sux

  2. Even if you set the battle royale tag aside, the games are looking pretty jank. No way the 1st game will look that nice once it releases.

  3. 8 new games I won’t even bother knowing it’s existence…just came to this video to comment this

  4. naraka bladepoint is honestly the most dumb thing ever..it’s a grappling simulator more than a battle royale. Like wtf, you’re grappling into enemies ffs geezus holy shit what kind of bullshit is that

  5. Some of these look pretty cool. Only time will tell.

  6. Emily Baxter# The Cartoony Witch Gamekitten says:

    Meh… maybe the western

  7. They still make new battle royal games they need to stop it’s played out and boring now I don’t personally know anyone who still plays battle royal

  8. Problem with these small titles is they all die within 3 months of release… just wish a triple A studio could actually do it right… warzone had a chance but them never updating the game kills it… the one thing fortnite and pubg did right was constantly changing maps, adding and removing weapons, etc… you have to keep it fresh… if pubg made a polished game like warzone, it would dominate the space

  9. too bad Darwin Project got shot down

  10. I want a modern military realistic BR so bad. Only options are pubg & Warzone. It's unbelievable no dev team has brought it to us. Battlefield 6 has me hopeful but I don't know. Ever since pubg there's a huge market for it.

  11. There is a battle royale game called "Darwin Project" and i definitely recommend it, it is free on xbox, playstation and steam. On steam you can connect your twitch account and your viewers can join in too 😀

  12. Basically it went h1z1, pubg, fortnite then apex legends. All the other stuff that's come out has been pure trash and non influential since then

  13. You should also include "Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland" in this list it is also an upcoming battle royale game.

  14. I don't know why there's so much hate on battle royale. If you don't like it, keep playing your mindless, no consequence shooters like a chicken with your head cut off.

  15. None of these are coming to Xbox? I find that odd.

  16. If someone makes a game where strick packs and the like don't work

  17. Been playing the playtest for GRIT, got a key from the devs and it’s been so fun.

  18. not a big fan of hero BRs. everytime they introduce a new hero shit gets unbalanced for weeks.

  19. i want the FF7 1 for PS4!!!
    oh and i guess PS5 too

    cant afford a new android ATM just to play 1 BR that will prolly take over my life lol

  20. They’ll all release on pc first then die out because the hype will die like the rest of the recent battle royale games

  21. Rather play apex than all these game ,, if you been playing apex legend all these game are a downgrade

  22. When is the Vampire battle royal game is going to come on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

  23. Bloodhunt hasn't been confirmed to release on next gen. You should really check your info before claiming it as true

  24. Call me old school but… WHERE ARE THE CLAN COMPETITIVE SISTEMS

  25. Anaraka looks good I thought it was hunters arena legends

  26. New COD battle royale with a next gen map , new weps, and a WORKING anti-cheat would beat all this. Poor warzone let the cod community down to many cheaters

  27. he needs to put more emphasis on the each games name it is hard to understand him. Also he need to book mark each game. How lazy is this guy.

  28. What the 1 called where they climb up the walls

  29. Why do all the good games go to PlayStation and PC? Give Xbox some love. And Microsoft, please make more Xbox exclusive games please!

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