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A game that does it BETTER than TARKOV (for FREE!)

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  1. Genre of unfinished extraction shooters expands

  2. Still can't favourite charms or stickers. Have to scroll ALL the way to the middle to get the one I want each time, which takes roughly 18 seconds.

  3. I think that game is god awful TURKOV. Or however u spell it, than polluted by a cheating population its unreal!

  4. This aged incredibly well. Everyone seems to be “escaping” from Tarkov now.

  5. I’m totally happy there’s more coming out and I’m totally gonna download this and try it but they needed to wait at least a year and just make the game good. If they wanna make some money, figure out a way to make some money with it a Patreon or something.

    I just hope they’re not doing just a couple real quick and then slowly make money after .

  6. New patch actually made recoil amazing and actually feel good and realistic

  7. Two problems with unreal engine games.

    They all feel the same and having shaders loads during game play is so jarring.

  8. I played it for 10 minutes and was able to get myself unlimited money through the command console It needs a lot of work

  9. Check out Road to vostok sometime.. it's in dev rn but looks promising.. and built on godot..the guy behind it is superhuman lol


  11. Lmfao promote a totally shitty game while trashing a shitty game thats popular

  12. Yes that 2% recoil reduction from assault rifle skills and 3% from gun mastering definitelly makes a difference

  13. especially nowadays no one likes tarkov

  14. Atleast it doesn’t cost 250 dollars 😃

  15. …but how finished is it tho… I want to play an extraction shooter not a tech demo for a game that isn't comoning out for 2-3 years or something. I am playing Arena Breakout ON MY PHONE to get my fix until the PC version comes out smh.

  16. if ya have trouble with gunfights in tarkov thats just a skill issue my friend recoil is not hard in tarkov ya just cant be dog

  17. I think you should let the game control your aim, you can't aim for shit from what I've seen.

  18. So many clones are coming out soon i wonder how many weeks until people realise they are cash grab scams

  19. "Oh neat!" checks description
    sees it's paid only access "a man can dream"

  20. All jokes aside, a lot of these Indie devs are trying to replace Tarkov which is quite odd. Ontop of that, realistically, it just won't happen.

    Sure, one of them will succeed at being amazing. My bets are on Grey Zone and "MAYBE" this game thats presented to us.

    But, Tarkov will always be at the top. Its the game that did it best.

    Tarkov is in its phase where everyones trying to copy it or take its spot at #1. I personally think in my opinion, that it just won't happen.

  21. isnt this project quarentine now incursion red river?

  22. This is now called Incursion Red River for those of you wondering why you can't find project quarantine on steam lol But tbh I play tarkov not only for the hardcore loot n shoot extraction game it is but for the story and lore, a lot of people don't know there are books about it and it even has its own mini TV series on the BSG YouTube page. Usec, Bear and Terragroup mean a lot more to the game and story than just the names, That is why i have 600 hours in the game and always end up going back.

  23. "I don't like Tarkov"

    Tarkov players after the incident: Yeah nobody does dude

  24. Lol funny this game never took off even a year later and i still havent heard of it, so how is it better then tarkov and free?


  26. We're in a love hate relationship with the game ourselves. For Me though, PVP is the only way. I don't see any level of competition or reason to continue to play if it's against AI. Feels lifeless without PVP.

  27. Who said we play tarkov for fun? 🤔
    Also this game is gonna die. Its just another extraction fps.

  28. It looks super cool, just a little unfinished, but I can't play it cause I don't have a computer 😢

  29. I was hoping the game was getting better but the dev says otherwise
    The game is also expensive for this type of fps game, not to mention the bundle or the pack

  30. Hop on tarkov now changed the recoil

  31. Who thought this is Arena Breakout Infinite


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