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Apex Legends is still the BEST BR game.

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  1. The title of this video is true

  2. I guess fortnite is beginners friendly and apex is tough for new players

  3. Shroud's ability to pick up a game and instantly be incredibly good at it will always amaze me.

  4. it's not, it might be a better shooter game than fortnite, but fortnite is a better battle Royale game

  5. I Can see Mike has not played a while his movement is awful. He still got good aim

  6. I agree 100% Apex is the best BR game. I just wish there were more modes and more weapons.

  7. Any chance at more apex content? new ranked split 😀

  8. Apex leg. got trashy gunplay, so no its not

  9. lets be honest here shroud, we all know its warzone and you know it too, but the problem is activision/raven/COD does not care about their players so they don't provide a good anti cheat and does not banned players ips and dont care about optimizing the game but overall graphics and gameplay warzone > apex.

  10. he is right , if u are not a fanboy and u are objective , apex is the best. it's well made all around.

  11. shroud doing alright, its the sort of game where a player who is insane at every game cant just pick it up and be good right away. The main reason is there is so much meta. When you start out every game you learn something new. It never stops. Eventually it comes down to map and ability knowledge but before that its a long amount of learning, I loved every second. Maybe didn't like getting shat on against smurfs but its definitely best game i ever played

  12. It definitely is… Time has spoken. And it has withstood the test of time, indefinitely.

  13. "I couldnt see"
    "Yeah caustics getting nerfed thank god"
    It was Bangalore smoke. Lol wtf.
    Everyone is so scared of caustic.

  14. Nice. Only
    Took a few battles and he’s chasing people down

  15. It's boring if u r solo tho. U cant grind it solo

  16. I HATE how games are crossplat with PCs, its bullshit and will never be a level playing ground between console and PC chumps.

  17. i just wana kill myself playing rank randoms…this game is pissing me off on a whole diff level

  18. I have never ever played any game with less than 170 ping :'( I am waiting for the day when I play with 50 ping that would be a dream come true fo me

  19. Every legend in this game is viable if you know what you’re doing with them. It’s great.

  20. It sucks when Shroud played amazing games like this, then would rather play boring games like Valorant.

  21. Best 😂 omg…that's a good one
    Not even in top 1000 or close 😂

  22. best BR and it sucks. dang it. developers these days are mindless

  23. Agree wholeheartedly shroud, Agree. I suck at it but still think its by far the best. No other BR comes close. Just watching high skill games is unreal entertainment and playing it is on another level when it all comes together.

  24. i mean shroud is of course not the best in this game for
    sure but imagine if this would be his main game dude…

  25. This guy was the number 1 streamer on this game and left. Crazy man.

  26. Most of the people that play apex didn't play titalfall 2 and it shows, truly a shame

  27. Only reason some players left the game because of cheaters, but it seems they have fixed that problem, Apex is indeed the best BR!

  28. I don’t see how people like wireless mouse over cable mouse I don’t like having to stop to charge my gear. My headset is cabled my mouse is cabled my keyboard is cabled. Is it a lot of wiring? Yes but it’s worth it in my opinion

  29. I honestly disagree with that. Like what drdisrespect have said, I'm shooting shields and shields. That's disgustingly terrible. I'm done with this game. It happens to me many times, I couldn't kill one of this dude and he just don't die. Ridiculousness…

  30. It says a lot considering how bad apex is netcode/hitreg + bugs + glitch + cheat wise, yeah basicly everything.

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