BATTLE ROYALE FOR RACING GAMES - Forza Horizon 4 Eliminator -

BATTLE ROYALE FOR RACING GAMES – Forza Horizon 4 Eliminator

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FH4 Gameplay – Eliminator Battle Royale Game Mode

SNAPCHAT – Tiametmarduk

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  1. That phase is over but hey once I see another battle royale… lol 😀

  2. I won my first The Eliminator game in a level 4 Mitsubishi Evo X without doing any head-to-heads.

  3. Yeah I'm slowly getting off of Fortnite, just getting bored of it. Started season 5

  4. "The Eliminati"? OMG! That was worth the whole video!

  5. ''It's been a while since we played this game''
    Ben has literally never made a gameplay video of this game

  6. Anyone knows why sometimes i cant battle with other palyers??i just biip and nothing happens…

  7. "Where did he come from"
    My Reaction: HACKS! xD

  8. Truthfully I enjoy all your content, but I subbed for career mode, along as you keep up the career mode I dont see why you cant expand and play other games, enjoys today video, unlucky on the result #2

  9. You’ve got to feel for Super Gt though. He didnt get a single good car in his 300 or so attempts.

  10. The best car isnt lambo its the level ten truck it’s literally so good. This is my favorite BR right now, literally have won 3 games in a row and all of them were adrenaline filled racing! So intense having everyone race to the final destination at the end,

  11. Eliminator more like teaminator sad cheating scrubs ruined a gd game mode…..

  12. Some more Forza would be great to see, Ben 👍

  13. fortnite takes a radical approach to its new season

  14. sees Derwent waters
    intense loot lake rotation flashbacks

  15. Reminds me of Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 in Multiplayer

  16. What a terrible game mode. Bandwagon jumping at it's worst.

  17. My friend was so good at forrza that he made it to some semi finals tournament.

  18. LMFAOO after seeing the true ending now I know why you did that to the screen 8:45 RIP

  19. Hate that you didnt upgrade to a lvl 10 truck but still giving a like

  20. I don’t know why but the first circle is always on the left side of the map and there is so many trees!!

  21. Forza YouTuber: It's hard to do!!!!

    F1 YouTuber: meh!

  22. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Forza Horizon 4 content on your channel. A pretty special occasion for it with the new Battle Royale mode. Good game FH4 is with how much fun you can have on it but it’s a shame it’s Xbox exclusive – in fact, I believe Forza has always been Xbox exclusive like GT Sport is PlayStation exclusive.

    It also means you have made content on all three main platforms (PlayStation, Xbox and PC). The only current popular console you haven’t done content on is Nintendo Switch if I’m not mistaken. Still, it’s mad that content creators can make content on all main platforms – not everyone has all three of them (sometimes only one of three or two of the three platforms). 👍

  23. Being serious, where did that winner come from??

  24. You just have so much luck with the lood spot on the first match bro

  25. That happened to me where they came out of nowhere I got second but I was in a tier 4 car


  27. إذا في عربي بدي اعرف 😂😂 LB

  28. I hate u for not getting in the trophy truck lol

  29. It’s so easy to take a cheap shot at fortnite but everyone played it. It WAS a great game at one time.

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