Battle Royale Games Are *BORING* Now.... | Honest Talks Ep. 5 -

Battle Royale Games Are *BORING* Now…. | Honest Talks Ep. 5

Lazy Assassin
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In this video, I talk about Battle Royale games and why I feel they are boring now.

00:00 Oh Yeah, Battle Royales Are Dead!
00:21 Before I Get CANCELLED
01:06 Why We Started Playing Them?
01:54 Too Many Battle Royale Games
02:38 Problem With INDIAN Gamers
04:38 Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V: Recipe For A New BR
07:09 They Are Too Repetitive
07:50 Over Innovation
08:55 Mobile Gaming Sucks These Days

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  1. pehle me fps games khelta tha ab me story based games khela krta hu,
    mane god of war1,2,gos khel rkha he

  2. Bro plzz edit videos like old . New videos didn't have much editing like old sound effects images splash plzz 🥺

  3. When I downloaded naraka blade point mujhe laga kuch naya hai😂😂 lekin ye to tatti hai

  4. Pta nhi fir v , oosi game ko boring kahata hoo aur oosi ko khelta bhi hoo

  5. even i completed last of us ,rdr,sekiro , darksouls and many more games but non of pc games give me same memories which was given by pubg with my friends

  6. Wase Farlight84 thoda sa hi ho , lekin chal jata . Lekin unhone new chise add karne k jagha game se bohot sari chise jo use baki sab se alag banati thi unhe hi hata diya. 😡😡

  7. Bro , you just Hate Battle Royal , We play Pubg because we can afford it , pocket friendly ।

  8. Only scope in real life jobs so contrate on education so may safe your future if you are luky and also struggles

  9. isliye i play story mode games like DETROIT BECOME HUMAN and LIFE IS STRANGE😊❤❤❤

  10. Bhai tu nahi khelta toh jo khelta hai vo Chutiya, sabki apni pasand Or intrest hai kisi ko triple A games psnd aate h kisi ko fps ya kisi ko battle Royal

  11. yrr editing toh mast and haa ek ek baat 100 taka sach hai

  12. 8:47 exactly I feel the same things were pretty good 5-6 years ago when everything was pretty decent . And simple not just been giving birth in everything and also in current time there are so so many options for a certain thing in games movies places to go YouTube video to watch in basically everything in this world there are so many options and so many conclusion it is so over will be life was very good before internet and everything 🥺

  13. Problem with Indian gamer
    Bilkul sahi bole Bhai Jaan bilkul jahil h Indian gamer

  14. 2017 to 2022 time we can 15 age this time 18+ we are career focuses

  15. Main Reason Ki Indian player Kebl Bgmi / Pubg / Ff Hi khelte hai Zyada inhone Kbhi Dusre battle royale game Pr Dhyan Nhi Diya

  16. Buy a 18k rupees x box series s second hand or ps4 second hand . You will surely leave mobile games and will regret that you didn't play console games earlier. You can get second hand disk games for super cheap rates even cheaper than your battle pass. Or else there is a large section of good AAA type free games


  18. I miss the old days when I used to play story mode games like cod 4,black ops and battlefield

  19. Me to 6 saal se pubg jaise game khel raha hu for example:- pubg pc, warzone, fortnite, pubg mobile and baki jitne bhi battle royal games hai in 6 salo me sab khel dala😂 abhi bhi bore nehi hua mai to warzone me maza ta hai abhi bhi pubg pc me bhi abhi yea hi 2 no game he jo khel raha hu

  20. GTA or GTA online pe. Video bana starting Mai maza ata hai fir boring lgta hai

  21. GTA v roleplay JC games mobile mein kyon nahin aati is per ek video kyon Nahin banate 😢

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