Battle Royale Games are just not for our Shub #shorts -

Battle Royale Games are just not for our Shub #shorts

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  1. Bbs suddenly realised that he is a mature balak

  2. that hehehehe was better than Andrew’s hehehe

  3. And then uploads a flex video of valo after 3 years 😛

  4. No bro you are good at battle royal games just sometimes you panic and get us funny moment😃 but try battle royal games, they are fun to watch😃

  5. That shshshshhhh was like frying something on pan, but that chicken was not for him

  6. ok ok the comments are less so you may notice me so

  7. pls play UNDERTALE I'm commenting for a long time so pls play it

  8. He actually said video title in his 1 billion views video.

  9. that time he sponsored someone but now he don't even sponsor a single brand llol

  10. Ssssssss are fuck mere cooker ki seeti baj rhi hai

  11. Voh he usske liye par ussko pata nhai he par voh he 🥺😝

  12. i miss the old bbs, it was better than the present bbs

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