Battle royale in 2020 🎉🥇 -

Battle royale in 2020 🎉🥇

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  1. My man is a Real gamer for having the same shirt on for 3 years: it’s a joke bw

  2. Only game I still get hyped over that’s a BR is Fortnite. Anything else and it just isn’t the same.
    Solo or with friends, doesn’t matter. I guess it’s Fortnite's ADHD energy that gets me hyped.

  3. I know how you can make it fun again randomize the controls so you will have to go through hell to finally get one 😂

  4. For me (bo2):
    2023 (mw2): yay meh

  5. It's because in the new game, it's so much easier. You can literally just camp in one building and win.

  6. Dude, please release a video about all the tech stuff that you have.

  7. well it does if you didnt get a win before 2022

  8. When I got my 6th platinum I didn’t feel it much it’s just not as it was 😞

  9. Specially, in 2021. I got my first victory royale I was so happy but when I get victory royale in2022 two just doesn’t hit the same.😢

  10. More like 2017 when the first popular br game out (fortnite)

  11. I’m my opinion, it hits harder cause everyone else is getting better at it, meaning we suffer more losses as a result

  12. for me it hits the same, i suck at them.

  13. I don't even get #1 the best I get is up to #4, which only happens when I use the rpk and I don't like abusing its power

  14. Nah I still go insane when I get a win nowadays

  15. Well it depends which one we're talking about

  16. I mean, I was going mental after getting 2 wins in warzone 2.0 in 1 day

  17. I freak out when I win because I only win like once every two weeks😢

  18. It was better in 2017 now everything of toxic mfs

  19. Well for me it's just crazy if I win a battle royal since I only got like 3 wins so far on fortnite

  20. This only applies if you are really good and always win

  21. gets a victory royale back then
    gets victory royale now
    "Alright next game 🗿"

  22. For me it does, well when i play with my friends. The vibe is just so much better

  23. All that can happen to me is evry sweat in the match knows my exact location and I lose if I win me and my friends will celebrate

  24. Did He Spend Money For MW1 To Play Caldera No Cuz I Think age Installed It Before or Just A Fake Vid On TV IDC If It’s Any Of These.

  25. i think it's cus you have become to good so its not a challenge enymore

  26. Be cuz I suck getting a win always hits different

  27. Bro what's the point of having alot of games you're going to forget the controls

  28. Question: do u play sport or adventure games???

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