Battle Royale is BORING -

Battle Royale is BORING

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Thoughts on why I find Battle Royale games so boring. It’s okay to disagree, but you’re also wrong.

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  1. Battle Royale has been going on for decades and now its all of a sudden popular. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  2. I think it's a boring genre. When I say I don't like it these fucking nine year olds go out of there way to annoy the shit out of me for having a different opinion. Now I hate it more.

  3. They have Team rumble in fork knife now so no more battle Gayle

  4. I read the other day infinity ward wanted to focus more on war zone than MW2 remastered if they didn't we would all be playing Mw2r multiplayer but because battle royale is now a genre games are going to always have it and are going to try and make better mode waste of time

  5. If you guys want to say it sucks don't hate people who do play it. Whenever a game gets popular the community hates it. If you hate it keep it to yourself

  6. So damn actual in 2020. I'm really thrilled about popularity of that genre. I raised on BF2/2142. At classic FPSes that areny deathmatch you have some objectives. I really miss bf2142 titan mode when you had to attack and defend missile launchers and then go to titan and defend/attack it. Why I hate Battle Royale? It's actually just hide and seek game where most optimal tactic is not to kill everyone, but just hide effectively in the center until you kill last guy. So what is the point of afking most of the game? I just tried apex legends and first what i could play were 2 and 3 people team modes and guess what? Just uninstalled after getting shoot by sniper just after spawn. 6 people on such big map? Nice joke. If i want to shoot i play FPS, if I want to pointlessly wonder around i play minecraft.

  7. Hope old days return's, I miss team deathmatch, deathmatch, search & destroy

  8. PUBG in a nutshell
    Kill guy/be killed by guy
    Get sniped
    Waste 20 minutes

  9. I am boring battle royale because noob and me homeless

  10. It's the type of game pussy-ass campers, which it absolutely caters to, would play.

  11. I think games like team fortress 2
    Paladins and overwatch are more fun to play than battle royal

  12. i guess im designed for simulation games, roblox and minecraft, grand theft auto, and space games i mostly play them for a lot of years and when i play battle royale games i get extremely bored on my 1st day playing it ;-;

  13. so why stupids play fortnite cause they are stupid and they never played any videogames

  14. Battle royales are for people who like to call others smarter than them a "cuck".

  15. battle royale are a nice concept in paper and when u first play one it can be pretty fun but the excitment ends quickly, i prefer games like rainbox six

  16. My ideal br is either cod zombies/survival modes where there is much more skill involvled

  17. I recently had to install an 60gb update on mw and I recently replayed a game called titanfall 2 a extremely fast paced FPS game all about wallrunning and giant fuck off mechs on cooldown not killstreak so everyone gets to play in a massive killing machine and I recently reflected how bad modern FPS games are that all have unforgiving gameplay and how this only cares about the players enjoyment

  18. Battle royale sucks. Its like

    Be killed
    Win a match
    Do it until u die( In real life)

    I dont like these games. I like single player games Gta 5 and doom eternal and dying light on my pc. Battle royale is not interesting and gets bored after couple of matches

  19. just 5 minute for loading imagine you ve played 20 round and it takes 100 minute to waiting for the server

  20. I thought Battle Royale was a Japanese cult movie?

  21. Story games > battle royale games. Change my mind.

  22. Same case with me
    6 month intense battle royale
    Then i lost interest in them
    Now back to rpg or other action games

  23. My experience in Battle Royale games: I spend what feels like days looting, getting ready for my first encounter and then I'm ready, ready to face my first opponent. I sit there for like 10 minutes waiting for someone and then i go: "Well, imma take a step out of this shack and find someone.". I take a step out of my hidey hole and get 360 MLG no scope faze spinned headshotted by some 9 year old.

  24. i came here after playing CoD Warzone for a couple of rounds…and yeah… basically it is really a stupid mode -.- why did i try warzone again? …

  25. im a raccoon and cats are the same thing SO DONT BE RUDE

  26. Otzdarva, I remember him from zero Lenny. Noice.

  27. The luck and chance factor are what turn me off of many things, life already has enough things that are out of our control and left to luck, the last thing I want is the thing I’m supposed to be doing for fun and entertainment be the same way, I like being able to consistently perform and play well in games, and in battle royale, consistency is rarely part of the formula.

  28. Perfect example: spent twenty minutes playing warzone building up kit just to get sniped in two shots from a player 200 feet away.

  29. The fricking drop itself feels like forever

  30. Br game truly are trash. They comprise an entire game on a "popular" (tweens who spend more time on theyr phone checking out tik tok videos than playing the game") game mode and say how much "skill" it takes to play these games but the second they jump on a real shooter like doom, halo, overwatch, medal of honor, etc they get theyr shit rocked. I have no respect for those games let alone the fan base. It's been ruining games for people who actually like spending time playing them and not spending 70% of the game not actually doing anything but looting and waiting for the match to start

  31. EA has done more good for the gaming industry than Epic.

    Change my mind

  32. I went on the gaming subreddit criticizing battle royales and how it changed gaming for the worst because after 2018 publishers said “fuck it we are done being original” then this one person said I was complaining even though in really I was criticizing how battle royals changed gaming for the worst

  33. Every battle royale game can be summed up like this.
    Land in a random spot.
    Find loot.
    Then get shot out of nowhere.
    Its not skill if the person who shoots first gets a guaranteed win.

  34. For me the whole battle royale idea was good.. unless everyone started to copy.. to make money

    Apex legend same as pubg but with futuristic guns..

  35. PUBG = Trash
    fortnite = Trash
    all battle royale games = Trash

  36. The only battle royale that I enjoy is minecraft hunger games

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