Battle Royale Official Blu-Ray Trailer - Cult Classic Movie (2000) -

Battle Royale Official Blu-Ray Trailer – Cult Classic Movie (2000)

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Battle Royale Official Blu-Ray Trailer – Cult Classic Movie (2000)
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FIRST TIME IN REGION 1! March 20, 2012.

In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary “Battle Royale” act.


  1. This is the original Squid Games ◾️🔺🔵

  2. lol im here watching the battle royale’s trailer cuz the boyz’s comeback is near

  3. So this is where squid game rip off from. Amongst others like saw(dying old man), harry potter(the maze staircases), money heist (obvious red jumpsuits, just change the mask)…

    And squid game sucks. So so overhyped.

  4. Didn't read the original novel but the manga was so cool that i wanted to see the film, worst decision ever. Please read the manga if you can

  5. people who think Squid Game is a revolution should (re)watch this movie

  6. both squid game and battle royale are good. stop arguing about nonsense and go read Akira to develop some extra taste

  7. This is still the best Battle Royale movie… yeah fight me if you disagree!

  8. The creator of this and squid game should get together to create something great 🤯

  9. Let's go play Fortnite & PUBG

  10. When people say Squid Games is the most original thing they’ve seen I send em here 🚀✅

  11. The madness and the shame of humanity

  12. Hunger Games, Battle Royale Games, As the Gods Will, Round 6, Danger Zone…They all drank from the same source! Thank you mister Kinji Fukasaku.

  13. Takeshi's Castle extreme difficulty version.

  14. That evil smile 1:31 of the student Mitsuko Souma got my attention. She was a pretty deadly badass. The novel and manga of her backstory is really sad and twisted that made her the way she is.

  15. Before Squid Game, there was Battle Royale…(& Gantz).

  16. Squid Game sucks balls before this masterpiece.

  17. Not me actually coming hear cuz of Maverick MV for the boyz that is based on battle royale

  18. I want to watch this movie with eng subtitles!!😞

  19. can you guys like not compare this with other stuff and just appreciate

  20. i never like hunger games because no government could evolved to something like that. i cant get immersed into it because the world building doesnt make sense to me. in battle royal i am fully immersed because the political background is not fully explain so the full focus on the teenagers killing each other.

  21. if this wasnt released, pubg would maybe never existed.

  22. 0:26 the guy from the Death Note movie he played as Light Yagami !

  23. Way better than Squid Game.
    Squid Game's succes is due to the Hallyu Wave and BTS.

  24. And now is the birth of the Battle Royale genre

  25. this is look like free fire beacuse look at the girl he dress a yellow need a team to survive and helmet too

  26. Battle Royale is above all a book. A really good manga and this movie was made from it. I've never seen the movie but the manga is a masterpiece.

  27. It's like a mix of squid game and dangnanronpa

  28. So this is how Nevada tan killed her bestie…..

  29. That is the evolution of Squid Game 🥰🥰🥰

  30. Korea has no creativity and no copyrights 🌚

  31. Shogo Kawada is associated with Roronoa Zoro from ONEPIECE

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