BATTLE ROYALE RAP BATTLE by JT Music, Nerdout, Fabvl, Neebs Gaming, Rockit Gaming & GameboyJones -

BATTLE ROYALE RAP BATTLE by JT Music, Nerdout, Fabvl, Neebs Gaming, Rockit Gaming & GameboyJones

JT Music
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Fortnite vs PUBG!?! Blackout vs Apex Legends?!? Which Battle Royale is the best? Let’s find out via rap battle.

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BATTLE ROYALE RAP BATTLE by JT Music, Nerdout, Fabvl, Neebs Gaming, Rockit Gaming & GameboyJones
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  1. clears throat Minecraft hunger games.. cOuGh

  2. Titanfall 2: Proud if you son, you did good.
    Apex: Thanks dad.

  3. I like every part of this song but it still end it before the fortnight part

  4. Bro…. I can’t believe I was late to this because I was just chillin with a random mix of songs and this came on and I intensely started to love the beat then the lyrics are just chiefs kiss crips (I think apex won)

  5. "best part of this rhyme is that I could be your DAD"
    i loved that part

  6. So first thing you forgot ark survival of the fittest Minecraft hunger games and musical chairs. but also shoutout to the 40 people who have seen this and know what battlefield friends is

  7. pls made the call of duty mobile song plssss

  8. Thanks for giving Fortnite some good light but it clearly can't be the winner seeing how edgy 9 year olds shattered it's rep in the early days. (Also would've helped to use more recent clips, I see the same trailers from S1-S4 in all these raps)
    Makes me wanna try some more games in the genre. Battlefield and Apex lookin nice

  9. The line about fortnite players being 9 year olds is true

  10. Only Battlefield friends can make battlefield great again Nice Touch

  11. i feel apex is the best. it is by far the coolest and the other games did not mention it in the roast section. so epic.

  12. Call of duty mobile battle royale just sobbing in the corner

  13. Fortnite definitely fortnight because it just came with the king

  14. I've only ever played one of these (guess which), and I'm really glad to see Fortnite got a fair treatment. "the king has arrived"

  15. i cant pick i play i play all of thoughs and a few more

  16. 2👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️🤟💕🤟🏻🥳

  17. 🤲🏻🤲🏻👎🏻👍👍👍👣👁👀😧🤭🎮

  18. I don't care about any game mention in this video
    this song dope as hell :>

  19. "Only Battlefield Friends can make Battlefield Great Again" – ain't that the truth.

  20. "Only battlefield friend's can make battlefield great again" lol he's one of the battlefield friend's I think he was engineer

  21. I watched this when it came out
    And from then to now
    Apex wins
    No questions asked
    In gameplay and song easily

  22. PUBG won its bc pubg has more things than fortnite

  23. Fabvl's part gave me SO MUCH warframe rap vibes. LOVE IT.

  24. Sad that warzone wasn’t out at the time season one and two of warzone specifically were amazing.

  25. Best battle royale in 2018

    1. Apex Legends
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    3. PlayerUnkown's BattleGrounds
    4. Minecraft
    5. Battlefield
    6. Fortnite

    In 2019

    1. Call of Duty: Mobile
    3. *Free Fire
    4. Minecraft
    5. *Fortnite

    In 2020:

    1. Call of Duty: Warzone
    2. Apex Legends
    3. *PlayerUnkown's BattleGrounds
    4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    5. Fall Guys
    6. Free Fire
    7. Minecraft
    8. Battlefield
    9. Fortnite

    In 2021

    1. Apex Legends
    2. Call of Duty: Warzone
    3. Fortnite
    4. Free Fire
    5. Fall Guys
    6. PlayerUnkown's BattleGrounds
    7. *Battlefield
    8. Minecraft
    9. Fortnite

  26. Apex in my opinion is the best battle royal game 👑

  27. warzone winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  28. Attention! To anyone who doesn't smell what I’m cookin'"

    Here's how this’ll pan out!
    None of you are ever gonna touch me
    I put this Battle in the Ground
    (This is a Eulogy)
    It's becoming crowded, but I was Number One, see?
    Without a doubt – H1Z1? Please
    I wear the Royale Crown and I dub thee
    Peasants! Especially if your Game was free!
    Just leave your Servers now, drinks on me
    I'll raise the bar, and take ya to PUBG

    Oof! My Blueprint was looted!
    Since every single one of your rip-offs used it
    I don't need petty gimmicks to power me
    You wanna get woke? I'll give you reality
    I speak from experience
    With my longer matches
    You want a quickdraw? I got a larger mag!
    Get it? Depth's what every one of you lacks
    After I dropped, I'll put y'all on the map

    [Firestorm / GameboyJones:]
    Step on the Battlefield
    You won’t be leaving!
    I’m leaving you bleeding
    No time to get out
    Causing a massacre, stacking the bodies
    I'm crazy
    I’m making them all scream and shout
    It does not matter if I'm going solo
    Or roll with a squad that is militant
    Cause either way
    Death and destruction is coming for you
    And it's lookin' real imminent!

    Leaving you scorched
    I lead the way cause I’m carrying the torch
    I've been a leader and head of the pack
    Since they that I went and just walked of the porch
    Never came back
    This is a war
    And I know that I'm ready for more!
    You cannot stop me, ain't nobody lootin my body
    I came here to settle the score!

    [Blackout / Rockit Gaming:]
    No it's not too late to back out
    Late to the game but I rep my clout
    A tripple a looking at taking you down, no doubt
    Line 'em up taking shots 'till I
    And I'm doing better
    I got the Venom
    Don't measure me to the rest of the fellas
    Because I've been here forever
    Worldwide, best seller!
    Don't forget that
    Remember that you're a trend that'll pass
    Let me read you a letter:

    Dear, every other BR that passed the test
    I'm a real F P S
    PS: The best
    I know I don't sit high at the top of Twitch
    At least I've got more fans than just only kids
    "What about Ninja? He doesn't like the game
    Say the Metas all wrong and he's losing frames!"
    Pipe down. While I run the town
    Blackout's still king
    Lemme own the Crown!

    [Ring of Elysium / Neebs Gaming:]
    Lord of the Rings
    Time to get woke
    Elysium King
    Yall are a joke
    Yall cannot hang
    Look at my reign
    Best damn game that no one is playing
    Coming at you with a grappling hook
    The call me death from above!
    Other Battle Royales are just swinging from my nuts
    Like Blackout
    Everybody backed out
    CoD just stinking up the ring with the crack out

    And moving on to PUBG be looking like a game made by a dude
    Crosseyed, dumb as shit and don't know what bullets do!
    "M24 kitted out all the way"
    Yeah, good luck getting any gun to fire straight
    "But what about Fortnite? Best in the World"
    Well you're nine years old and you never kissed a girl
    Just sitting on your high Chair, playing on your tablet!
    Best part of this rhyme is I could be your dad
    Firestorm, you're a little late to the dance
    Should've launched with the Game but you never had a chance!
    Franchise dying, looking like the end
    But only Battlefield Friends can make Battlefield great again!

    [Apex Legends / Fabvl:]
    Yeah, can you feel the tension?
    Other games shook, always fail to mention
    That the gameplay never came to question
    Never went to Beta, what a brave ascension!
    Imma sniff you out cause I'm a bloodhound
    Longbow out, we make it so loud
    Portal round to take control now
    Send you all the way to Skull Town
    I might just zipline way over your heads
    And then sniff em out, hit you with Wraith!
    Grapple around to the Side and then heirloom straight into your neck
    Set the pace!
    Legends let's give em a toast
    Only BR with the Gameplay to boast
    Step in the way and you're toast
    Racking up Bodies we're doing the most

    [Fortnite / NerdOut:]
    The King has arrived!
    Taking over the scene like a thief in the night!
    Storms getting close, and not one of you leaving alive
    Nobody be breathing tonight
    When I released a season, there's a reason for hype
    The cosmetics are pleasing the eye
    If you want beef better season right
    If you scrubs really wanna come against me, then aight!
    Fortnite! [Fortnite!]
    You are not ready you need to get people on your side
    You are not winning and im putting that on you life
    Giving you fall damage, dropping you 54 flights
    Who's bringing a gun to a sword fight? Me
    Who can take on gathering hordes like me?
    Dancing on your body when i pop you with a shotty

  29. titanfall2 listening to this: " aaaa i see how it is "

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