Battle Royale with Vampires! And It's Good? | Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt Gameplay -

Battle Royale with Vampires! And It’s Good? | Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt Gameplay

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We’ve made no secret of our love for sexy vampires, so when we discoved a game that combined the multiplayer hotness of battle royale with the supernatural hotness of vampires, we were all in. Watch on for gameplay from Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt, which has you leaping and scrambling across the rooftops of Prague as a superpowered bloodsucker.

Vampire The Masquerade Blood Hunt will be a free to play battle royale game and is coming to PC (and hopefully eventually consoles too) at an unspecified release date.

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  1. You can tell the devs did a good job with the map when my Czech brain went "yo wait is that Prague?" in the first 10 seconds of seeing the architecture.

  2. I love Vampire the Masquerade… but I'm not sure if a Fortnite Masquerade would be as fun, thanks for standing me corrected.

  3. Boring as fuck new games are utter wank at the morment

  4. Man I wish I could play this on my series console 😞

  5. I'm not really one for battle royale games, but I really like the verticality here and the fact that the Masquerade is actually a thing that matters. Seems very cool.

  6. Still wanting the team to take a D&D break and do a Masquerade tabletop let's play

  7. i laughed so hard when i read the title " vampire, battle royal, and fun" battle royals where fun for a while then the cheaters/modders came, the games started rehashing other battle royals honestly id be far more happy with a decent single player story than another cheesey battle royal that will be infested with cheaters within a month…… a lest we forget the predatory nature of dreaded micro-transactions

  8. The amount of times they interrupted the dude who actually played is fucking annoying

  9. Why didn't they use someone else's gameplay? This dude sucks 😒

  10. All interest was thrown out of the window when they announced the next iteration of this IP would be turned into a BR

  11. 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭 𝘈𝘥𝘢 𝘞𝘰𝘯𝘨 says:

    I thought it was supposed to be First Person only? Are there just some fixed angles or does the entire game allow 3rd person? Because then I'll actually be interested.

  12. Mike “Everything Has To Have Blood In It” Channell

  13. Why the frick isn't it sunlight or UV radiation instead of Red Mist

  14. Why do vampires even need guns? They have superpowers.

  15. In the lore during a blood hunt, depending on the prince, you are allowed to diablerize the prey

  16. I love the verticality battle royale style this game offers. And a vampire themed battle royale is also just amazing

  17. I played Masquerade LARP in Prague and I have to say… Prince really does have to look away, because Tremeres and Treadors love mayhem…

  18. Good to see Prague making its second appearance in a VtM video game.

  19. Diablerie is a terrible crime.
    Clan Lasombra has entered the chat.

  20. Huh, the animations and third-person execution makes it look very Bloodlines-esque

  21. A TOREADOR!? hahaha I've lost all respect

  22. Is this game terrible or the player just sucks lol. As a fan of Vampire, this game just something I wouldn't play.

  23. Diablerizing is condoned during a blood hunt. Its one of the perks they use to get a lot of other vampires involved.

  24. they seriously thought a vtm game would transfer over to battle royale? do any companies still think about their consumers, and not just about the hunt for money. i mean, what comes next, dungeons and dragons the battle royale?

  25. Ah yes, I see now why they had to fire the lead writer for bloodlines 1. Then needed the budget to add in what every pen and paper RPG fan wanted. More battle Royale games.

  26. What’s the point about being a vampire if u can’t go hunting humans and feelingg like a vampyre 😩

  27. dead on arrival.. looks boring with boring characters

  28. So bizarre that they would choose Vampire to make a BR game out of.
    Of all the Genres within the World of Darkness, Vampire really lends itself the least to this sort of mad combat.
    Werewolf was designed to be an action/combat game, and would lend itself very well. Especially if you could work to unlock the other types of shifters.
    A Wraith battle royale based on the Ends of Empires stuff would be fantastic. Just bedlam within Stygia, the Labyrinth, Enoch, you'd have Hierarchy, Heretics, Renegades and Spectres going mad. Hide behind cover, or spends some corpus and run through it.
    Even Changeling would be neat. Everyone battling each other with chimerical weapons, and then you get knocked out of your Fae seeming and see the other players as bystanders would see them: just a bunch of kids attacking each other with mops and toy swords and things.
    Mage would be difficult to replicate, except through rotes, but it would look amazing. The Tremere/Order of Hermes war would be awesome for a different type of game.

  29. It's battle royale – so no it's not a good game. it's a shit gameplay genre that should fuck off so actually good games could be developed instead.

  30. You know a vampire's moveset is impressive when they're able to slide up stairs. XD Seriously, though, just the parkour element looks super fun, and I look forward to more updates! Especially since who knows how long it'll be until we get The One Everyone Was Talking About.

  31. While I'm not super into BR type games, between this and the FFVII mobile one it seems like someone is trying really hard to get me into them.

  32. Jeneatte voreman better be in the game somehow

  33. Wait. LB and RB? Then it's confirmed coming to consoles?

  34. Oh okay so this is what they did with bloodlines 2

  35. Decided to give it a go despite never playing a BR before and not being much of a player of shooters… I've now been playing it madly for about a week and a half, I love it!
    Honestly, it's worth trying out for the movement alone; it's very fun and satisfying. I'm having so much fun just bounding across rooftops as a Nosferatu, never mind that I get immediately killed by the first person I encounter 60% of the time.
    And I won once! Somehow… Got really lucky I think. XD

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