Battlefield 3 Battle Royale Update - Windows 11 Will Get You Banned - Today In Gaming -

Battlefield 3 Battle Royale Update – Windows 11 Will Get You Banned – Today In Gaming

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The Battlefield 3 Battle Royale mod is looking phenomenal
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00:00 Intro
00:16 Battlefield 3 Battle Royale mod progress update
02:34 Windows 11 is getting Warzone players banned
03:12 Xbox Cloud Gaming opens for all platforms
03:38 Doom Eternal RTX update live
04:24 Apex Legends Genesis Event update live
05:42 PUBG Mobile bans 4M accounts in one week
06:03 PlayStation buys two key developers
06:40 Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut rated by ESRB
07:18 Sniper Elite VR looks impressive


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  1. It would just be 2.5 km not km ^2, you were giving dimensions not area

  2. Man I just uninstalled battlefield 3 crap. When I the battle royal for battlefield 3 come out?

  3. When the game won't ban you for using cheats but using a different OS instead lol

  4. Yeah that’s what they get for engorcing TPM! Get your bans baby!

  5. Man, do I miss that tank superiority dlc for bf3. I loved using the Stryker and that other russian tank. That was my favorite dlc

  6. EA is so gonna shut the BF3 Battle Royale down

  7. I like BR games and hope dice make a f2p BR but only after the game been out for a year

  8. How shit of a human being do you need to be to cheat in a fucking mobile game? And people always ask me why I hate modern society so much.

  9. warzone?
    seriously who's still playing that game!

  10. Dudes prolly gon make a better game mode then these triple A developers make games

  11. I still remember when Venice Unleashed was only a rumor. Man, it took them years to get to this point

  12. So when will ps5 have 120hz, for battlefield games

  13. Because windows 11 hasn't officially been released. Everyone running it is being stupid and running a bootleg version thats leaving your pc and info exposed. That peoples own fault for installing an unofficial version of windows 11.🤣😂🤣

  14. Ha! Doom Eternal better performance for the cards, you can not get now😆 My 2060 is on the end of the list, but due to the situation we've got on the market it must be tier 1 and be on the top of the list.

  15. Warzone doesn't have an anti-,cheat; they just have people spectating and if it looks sus they get banned lol

  16. Why spend so much time making a BR when there's 30 or so on the market, it's well over saturated like MOBAs were a decade ago

  17. warzone has an anti cheat? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA good one!

  18. I've been playing Battlefield and Enlisted both games that use anti cheat. I haven't been banned either this issue was fixed or it's simply misinformation/fear mongering.

  19. aw fuck i wish that would be battlefield 4, i wanted to buy bf3 but im saving for bf2042, damn it all.

  20. the real question is will the game have a respawn teammates function like more modern battle royals. I hope so because the game is more fun when you know you can bring your friends back. i kind of want a friendlier respawn system like in warzone. the ability to freely get your teammates back easily is definitely a bonus if you ask me.

  21. I'm curious why they modded bf3 but not bf4?

  22. I dont like battleroyale at all, but this one i could play

  23. If this battlefield 3 battleroyale make any sucess..the devs will be sued or get to work with dice. I hope dice dont mind, since they kinda care about the battlefield community..

  24. cool with bf3 battle royale, bf3 was one of the absolute best battlefield game !

  25. So warzone will ban everything but cheaters? New low, that game got bailed out by a pandemic

  26. Respawn banned me for cheating after not playing for 6 months and refused to unban me/investigate it. Apex is garbage

  27. I miss when armored kill dlc came out 😥 take me back lol.

  28. For some reason I can’t get bf3 to run anymore. I get like 50 FPS with 15 FPS lows. I have a ryzen 9 3900x and and rtx 3080. I can run b4 and hit the 200 FPS cap constantly. I even did a fresh windows 10 install and the problem persists 🙁


  30. Did You say "hardcore anticheat in Warzone" ??? Buahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….

  31. finally battle royale in a game im actually really fucking good at.

  32. Yo guys check me out. I make small casual montages

  33. Yesterday I upgraded to windows 11. Then I played COD MW multiplayer few matches just fine, then I tried the new battlefield beta few hours. and then when I went back to cod wanting to play I was shadow banned first and now I'm perma banned. Never cheated in my life. I written a ban apeal and waiting for answer, so frustrated…

  34. Battlefield 3 ist Suuuper!!!!

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