Bloodhunt Battle Royale Gameplay and Impressions! -

Bloodhunt Battle Royale Gameplay and Impressions!

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Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt is here! Vampire Battle Royale, let’s check it out. Play for free here – Sponsored by Bloodhunt. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Join as a member –


  1. Really gives you hope for the RPG when they release a BR nobody asked for to raise funds

  2. Okay so how the hell do the random npc's not freak out when they see a freaky ass looking woman right in front of them she's clearly some sort of fucked up monster

  3. Obviously you and your viewership are mostly clueless about Vampire: The Masquerade, but then again this game has close to nothing related to the original pen&paper rpg, other than being just inspired by it… In the end, inconsequential really…
    Alas, nowadays anything will be used as an excuse to capitalize on BRs… Shame really, since fans have been waiting ages for a well realized videogame RPG of V:TM…
    Oh yeah, and Brujah is pronounced Bru-Ha, comes from Bruja which means Witch in Spanish…
    Cheers bud…

  4. this game takes so long for matchmaking

  5. I just want to play Bloodlines 2. But i guess this will be a teaser before then. : /

  6. It's coming out on console this month i think because spooky season

  7. Does anyone else think this has the feel of nosgoth ?

  8. Assassin Creed Eagle vision mixed with Vampire-ish stuff. I may get this.

  9. this game looks pretty nice…finally a BR title thats looking interesting since Ring of Elysium!

  10. This game seems amazing. I think I'ma play it.

  11. what makes me so sad about this game is knowing that bloodlines 2 was probably canabalized for this……

  12. This shit reminds me of Division meets Assassins creed unity. Raw asf

  13. The game looks amazing. Ive been wanting something like this for years.

  14. this is with no exaggeration the worst BR game I've ever played

  15. Waŵaŵaadďdfaddswddd

  16. u got hit with toxic gas and the storm killed u

  17. This game better then fortnite because no need build castle once u get shot

  18. is it ok to play on a macbook air quick i wanna make sure

  19. This game is fucking dope. I can't wait to see it finished and I'm glad I found your stream.

  20. i am having problems with queue times any solution?

  21. Is this game coming out on ps4 because I've heard about this game a long time ago when it was first announced and I'm really desperate to play it but I'm unfortunately one of the people who missed out on getting a ps5

  22. I'm so exited to this game to come on ps5 this 2022 spring imagine if they do a werewolf game similar to bloodhunt🙂🙂

  23. I was watching this I role play and LARP VtM.. anyway water kills vampires, not all but some

  24. Hm i feel bit second son nd battleroyale but i dont see much going on in terms off fights hm

  25. At 57:00 your own throwable hit you and the guy too. If you watch it, you lost your hp at the same time it hit the other guy 😀
    But great video!

  26. Yaaaaay. Another stupid online game where you just run around in circles.

  27. sucks that everyone watches these vids and now that its actually out no ones paying attention anymore

  28. 56:55 was some of the craziest hipfire horseshit that I have EVER seen in a game. If a weapon is that powerful, it doesn’t need to be in a BR. Gg’s

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