Bloodhunt Gameplay and Impressions - NEW Battle Royale! -

Bloodhunt Gameplay and Impressions – NEW Battle Royale!

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Bloodhunt Gameplay is Battle Royale with Vampires set in the Vampire: The Masquerade Universe! Leave a LIKE and a comment. Check out the game here – Thanks to Sharkmob for Sponsoring. Bloodhunt Discord here –


  1. Oh no it's battle royale I'll pass I hate third person shooters tbh

  2. hey, tell me how can i get ponytail hairstyle for woman in this game is this even possible ?

  3. Internal injection truly here under God Louy$lugz says:

    Blood hung

  4. This game screams 'Dead by daylight battle Royale' to me

  5. this does not run this smsooth on my pc..its so laggy i cant play

  6. bro if they have an item shop with outfits helmets etc this could b something great

  7. My pc not gonna be able to run this🤦‍♂️

  8. Not sure about the graphics but mor vtm i am always in. 🙂

  9. I dont like the style the colors the screen is way to busy for me my eyes got tired after 2 mins of watching evrything looks like fortnite plastic.

  10. Any coop for vamp hunting in this title think the battle royal games are good just think the should be more game modes to go with this type genres

  11. I'm looking forward to the release of the game.

  12. Anyone else ready to see another high potential BR freaking die?

  13. the makers of Vampire: the Masquerade bloodlines, moving up to making a battle royale.., Wonder where Vampire: the Masquerade bloodlines went..

  14. Why the fuck would they make it gas and not sunlight

  15. Ew wait this a battle royale game? Don’t know if I want to get this game now.

  16. Not gonna lie when I saw the trailer I was hoping for a vampire vs human multiplayer game, not another BR game.

  17. I’ve been curious about this game for a little while now. Can’t wait for it to release. I love the concept.

  18. Been working at the headquarters, seen some cool sh*t.

  19. The OG was a good RPG, now wtf is this crap?

  20. I almost bought this game thank you for the content

  21. Need werewolf dlc where you can be a massive pack of werewolf being hunted by two or three vampires; two vamps with pistols and one with a sniper rifle.

  22. Love word of darkness vampires but hate battle royals; although I did love Unreal Tournament. I guess it's too nerve wracking for me these days. Or maybe I should give it a try.

  23. You can take one look at this and know it's not gonna blow up.

  24. so basically its a vampire version fortnite.

  25. Why are vampires shooting guns? Shouldn’t the fact they they have supernatural powers be a good way to differentiate from the other battle royal shooters?

  26. If anyone wants to play bloodhunt on Xbox I posted a video on how to do it on my channel

  27. this game is strange why have guns and stuff. the abilities seem worth it on its own.

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