Bloodhunt Gameplay and Impressions - NEW Battle Royale! -

Bloodhunt Gameplay and Impressions – NEW Battle Royale!

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Bloodhunt Gameplay is Battle Royale with Vampires set in the Vampire: The Masquerade Universe! Leave a LIKE and a comment. Check out the game here – Thanks to Sharkmob for Sponsoring. Bloodhunt Discord here –


  1. Everyone says this game automatically downloads an anti cheat which makes it not worth but it looks awesome too me so do i download or no?

  2. Is it JUST another battle royale game? Is there any other fun modes to play? I'm talking like actual effort put into PvP

  3. I love it , this might replace ( broken legends ) for me 😍

  4. heard this was buggy with a anti cheat and hackers ruined it already is this still a thing

  5. It reminds me to inFamous Festival Of Blood

  6. Not a fan. Got to pump 2 mags into an enemy just to down him and another mag to kill him once he is down.

  7. That music, the nostalgia, VAMPIRES xO i love this game even if its br xD.

  8. i was going to try this game then i heard its filled with hackers already, shame

  9. The worst thing is the fashion for the females. Who wears high wasted pants like that on god🤣🤣

  10. At least the game is kinda scary that makes it more fun

  11. If this was a MMORPG or a team deathmatch game, I´d play the hell out of it.
    But I simple DESPISE battle royale games.

  12. When does this game come out for PS4 or PS5

  13. Reminds me of Gunz. VH looks very very good. This one has potential.

  14. hope u can change the aming method wanna look through the scope and not the cros marker

  15. You should be able to switch views/angles in this game. From left to right

  16. Gunz 2 is more vampire than this game kkk

  17. COD Warzone with a new skin . Runs like shit, looks meh. Pass thanks

  18. i love the animation when use armor its so detail

  19. my only problem is not toggle aim wtf i wish they update , i hate hold right click to aim

  20. This looks like hyperscape but less annoying, I just wish it was either first person, or over the left shoulder

  21. Can you get this game on ps4 all I see is a wish list I can't find it

  22. So much Diablerie, but are there Generations to these playable vampires? And wouldn't you go insane from Diablerizing so much? Absorbing souls of other vampires…

  23. Worst way to loose to such a good game happens to the best of us

  24. Hey Jack! I watch and love your content from many years on my main account! After I saw your review for Bloodhunt I decided to create a gaming channel about the game!
    I'm dropping 14-19 KILLS☠️ with 7k -8k DMG almost every game! That keeps me addicted to the game xD ! Thanks for showing me this game! Wish you all the best! ❤️ ….. And let the hunt begin 😃

  25. It’s great besides the fact that the game requires a gtx1080 to play.

  26. This game looks cool but I'm guna b so upset if this takes the place of bloodlines 2

  27. This is literally gunsz with gta graphics

  28. What the FUCK . I'm so sick of Battle Royale games. This has to be the worst freak genre ever created. This game had so much potential

  29. I would love this if it wasn't battle royal everything is perfect from sound design to the characters movement and how smooth traversal is

  30. The game is pretty amazing. There are many ways to kill, stalk, shoot or chop your enemies. Love that you got choices of different vampires. The Catana is my favorite weapon. Also, you can play it on a team which makes the game more addictive. Can't wait to play it on PS5.

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