Brawl Stars on the WORLDS SMALLEST PHONE 🍊 -

Brawl Stars on the WORLDS SMALLEST PHONE 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Playing Brawl Stars on the worlds smallest phone

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  1. alternate title, oj struggling to hit the exit and gadget button

  2. can't notice any difference between oj's gameplay…

  3. At least you can run and attack at the same time

  4. lemme guess next vid is gonna be playing brawl stars on the moon

  5. I kinda wanna know the name of that phone, just outa curiosity

  6. What's up with the intense music here 7:57.

    He's mad close to the phone lmao

  7. Can you make new power 11 boss fight i wanna see

  8. So this is what my randoms phone looks like

  9. You need to be a neurologist to see anything on that phone

  10. Me when I first started playing brawl stars on a phone 😂

  11. My ‘new’ phone on my birthday be like:

  12. This is the only video where OJ is actually trying to play and not play around.
    Meanwhile, nick and dizzy spin with the bots.

  13. Bro: iPad!
    Sis: iPod!
    Dad: iPayed!
    Dog: iPeed

  14. hey oj there is a map right now where you can cheese with only primo

  15. The phone looks so cute!!!!!!🥰🥰

  16. I do the collection of mini stuff and I would definitely like that

  17. Watching this gives me anxiety,props to OJ for doing this.

  18. Challenge:try to win in clash Royale with a deck only with skeletons like skarmy or skeletons or graveyard etc.

  19. Oj:i won diamond 1 .dizzy and nick: we won diamond 1

  20. OJ
    You can deal damage with bibi trough the cart
    Its a glitch

  21. Parents: Don't put your phone too close to your eyes
    The phone they got me:

  22. Oj help something terrible happened to me I tried to buy the bio dome skin for sprout and it took my money but didn't give the skin and it won't let me send messages to the supercell support thing 😢

  23. OJ: I can't see the screen
    Also OJ : Forgets using Sharingan :/

  24. Even if OJ is playing on the smallest phone, he is still better than randoms 💀💀💀

  25. This was recorded before grom's nerf and i am sure about it

  26. I found a new cheese with eve in map maker Hot zone boat battles.

  27. Oj playing better on the smallest phone then my teammates (randoms) in 500 trophy range

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