Clash Royale but Brawl Stars 🍊 -

Clash Royale but Brawl Stars 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage from 2018 when Brawl Stars was in Clash Royale and we got Heist mode with Shelly/Hunter and Bo/Magic Archer

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  1. That lava hund is staying all the mech at the tower end his not doing anything. WHAT🥴🥴🥴

  2. Oj if you download nulls royale there's brawl stars characters

  3. …… my name is hazem as clash royal account and I'm using my moms account from youtube and I was in egypt that time……………..

  4. Miner shouldve been carl,

    wait he wasnt out yet

  5. 1:20
    Oj: and he Has nothing to counter my mega knight
    Lava hound: am i a joke for u?

  6. I played in that challenge i was in like masters i think or gold and then i lost my account 🙁

  7. Нихуя не понятно но очень интересно

  8. You picked shelly (hunter)because bo (magic archer) was nerfed to the ground and shelly was always the better option cause of that

  9. 'He just mirrored the skarmy' even though OJ is the one with skarmy

  10. Shelly should’ve been a musketeer she even looks like one.

  11. Did anybody else see Dynamikes face in the balloon? Or did I hallucinate

  12. He has nothing to counter my megaknight:1:27

  13. 0:02 it should be the reverse oj, clash royale in brawl stars not brawl stars in clash royale

  14. “Lets pick bo this time, hes better at this challenge than Shelly” ( literally picks shelly)

  15. So nostalgic it's literally when the time when i went from clash royale to brawl stars.

  16. Me seeing the thumbnail
    also me:nahh it was nulls royale
    Me tap the video:what app is that oj?

  17. OJ:he mirrored the skarmy
    The guy: mirrored dark prince

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