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“Combat Master Battle Royale Update Is Here – Combat Master Battle Royale Gameplay (Combat Zone Gameplay) Combat Master New Update 2024 – iOS Android Gameplay – Combat Master Battle Royale First Win (Combat Zone) Mobile FPS Game Like Warzone Mobile vs Combat Master Battle Royale”



Hi guys!! ExxotikGaming here – hope you’re all having a great day! I AM FINALLY BACK! After many weeks since my wedding, I have finally returned to upload more awesome gaming videos. And, perfect timing! Combat Master Mobile FPS just released their new Combat Master Season 2 update which includes COMBAT ZONE! This is their new battle royale mode in Combat Master and it is SO MUCH fun. I got my first ever win today! Hope you guys enjoy the gameplay and check it out whenever you can! Dive into the action-packed world of rolling thunder game online version. 🙂

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  1. I cant even go into the game its so lagy💀 i literally had like 60 fps when game was released

  2. What is the Minimum Android required for this update?😕

  3. Are you ok? It's literally one of the worst BR games ever released

  4. Is this on moblie or pc ? I can’t seem to find it on the menu page . Or is the update for this game mode not out for moblie yet

  5. Sniping from long range with a short barrel 😂

  6. What's the total size compared to COD mobile?

  7. If ur phone is android 11 u'll be stock at loading screen

  8. It's Amazing,but needs optimization the CZ map

  9. With more content y Nice optimization this Will be the best indie fps

  10. This is a thing that is happening on mobile.
    New state is the high end pubg game. Pubgm is for low end devices.

    Warzone mobile is for high end devices and this game is for low end devices.

    Its the free fire to pubgm.

    Combat master to Warzone.
    Its a good game if you can't run Warzone.
    Pubgm is cool if your device won't run new state mobile.

  11. Good luck at court Activision and the creator of combat zone

  12. Is the gamemode not available in the U.S?

  13. I'm playing this on PC. Its not that bad its just a little floaty on the movement side

  14. Saw this game everywhere but was waiting for you please tell me more about the game doesn it have third person and if you have something more to add it'll be great and hope you get well soon 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  15. you now how to download fortnite on you phone if it's not compatible

  16. The br mode is too laggy in both my mid range mobile phone and my laptop. The need to optimize it well

  17. Oh my gash!!! 😃 I Always knew this YouTuber is the best 🙏🏼✨🎆 Thank you and Happy new Year!!!

  18. Exotic pls lend .e 4gb ram phone this needs around 4 ram pls man im suffering 😢

  19. Bro this game is not good it laggs so much.
    Even in my s23 ultra.
    Game recommendation:- arena breakout

  20. Bro is laggy even with unisoc t606 😢

  21. I can't open the game please fix it's stock in loading screen in my phone

  22. That difficult to use revolver thingy is I think Rugging Judge, one of the smallest shotguns ever created.

  23. This game is literally a copy of warzone mobile 😂

  24. Hey exxotik when I search combat master on Google play store it doesn't show up😢😢😢

  25. Game speed is too fast for me but warzone is perfect speed

  26. Well my phone has a helio g85 processor, a pretty budget processor and it's not working well, codm runs smoothly but combat master is just full of lags and frame drops, it's really an awesome game but as of now I don't think people with budget devices should play this, but still you can give it a shot

  27. The games good guys , yes it's choppy sometime in cZ mode but give it some time , I played it on 4 GB Ram and it gave about 50 plus minus fps in ultra

  28. You made the Goat simulator video private 😢

  29. Bro even my high end device game not working 😅

  30. Bc its not in the playstore on my tablet bc my phone aint working so im using my tablet the game is exactly like call of duty modern warfare 3

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