Contractors Showdown is the first proper VR Battle Royale -

Contractors Showdown is the first proper VR Battle Royale

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Contractors Showdown is a VR battle royale that is realistic and tactical because it’s made by Contractors, one of the best VR shooters of all time. And those lovely people sponsored this video so if you would like to play on steam or Quest here are the links. In my opinion Showdown is one of the biggest and fullest new VR games we’ve gotten in a long time so thank you Contractors. Of all the VR shooters out there you’ve again outdone yourselves with gunplay and weapon mechanics. the map is gigantic and very pretty in VR and I was able to stream it on launch day without my cursed PC crashing.

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  1. What makes this any better than pop one? (I love pop one)

  2. Could you play some of the Star Wars Vr games on the quest, either tales from the galaxy’s edge, or the Vader immortal ones, I have played them both and they are well worth playing.

  3. "Is there team damage in this game" *slowly aims shotgun at friend's head 🤣

  4. Hopefully the main game isnt forgotten

  5. Use the seca 17 on full auto becuz it basically becomes a full auto sniper that does 45 dmg a hit

  6. This game doesn’t let me connect to internet. Does anyone have any idea why ?

  7. Habie where are the reflective cortex members?

  8. Why did you only have one weekend? I was an alpha tester. Been playing this since December.

  9. So are we still yapping Habbie or we actually playing?

  10. Whoa… why didn't we get the shame for the atomic mirror brains. Maybe I need to check your feed

  11. Your intro music is always bussin, props to whoever puts that in, cuz it immediately, along with your voice, lets my brain take a breather and just listen, it was very therapeutic today!

  12. my favorite part about this is that i already own contractors but i have to buy it again for a gamemode 😐

  13. I just wish their was a single player mode i always feel like I'm dragging people down

  14. ok what the actual flip bro. you forgot the atomic mirror brains.

  15. why are they charging 20 bucks for a game mode? truly cod in vr

  16. I just kinda wished they finished the first contractors before moving to this game.

  17. Yeah, mutting everyone in game as you're trying to do some internet stuff ain't cool. Thumbs down bro

  18. 200 person pavlov ww1 map push we need our general to gathet the peiple

  19. ahh watching the laser shakes is exactly why i spent 3 years doing a phd to develop a vr solution to remove tremors for all laser interaction, i should reach out to the devs just imeplement the 1 euro filter on all interactables i bet player satisfaction goes up!

  20. My love for your content is shadowed by the smoothness of my brain. And my rizz. Habie ❤

  21. Why didn’t they give it free for people who bought og contractors.

  22. We burped at the same time and my brain broke for a second

  23. Congrats to the contractors devs on the advancement to game vr tech. However contractors felt way too sweaty for what it is and i imagine this will make it worse so i wont be playing it, have fun to whoeever is gonna be enjoying this game

  24. Building a PC currently and looking into VR. Quest 3 looks like a good deal but fuck Facebook, index is great but still $1000(best controllers apparently).

    What gives??

  25. What ever happened to your brain polishing gamer supps flavor? Is there anything in the works after your cup?

  26. How does the game run on quest only compared to PCVR? Which would be recommended?

  27. me trying this game for the first time having the identical confused but entertained experience as habie….this is what i get for missing out on the open beta and going against all this experienced players

  28. I HOPE THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO HAHAA IM EVIL 😈 (I feel bad for this joke I said in twitch mb man if you ever see this 👨)

  29. Not having the atomic mirror brains in the middle of the video (or at all) 100% helps with the flow of the video

  30. You guys gonna keep reminding people.This game exists or forget about it once the hype dies down and kill the game ?

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