Creating a Battle Royale in Prison Architect -

Creating a Battle Royale in Prison Architect

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  1. Good to see that the supply met the demand of weapons for the inmates.

  2. 0:36 My real Name Is Brandon Jorgensen….. I am Honored to be your slave Sir!

  3. I like how you casually threw the Russian anthem in this xD

  4. AA's Patreon's safe inside his mind: 🙈🙉🙌

  5. Крендель, зачем вставлять мой гимн в эти видосы, он даже не к месту

  6. Holy shit I was reduced to tears from laughing so hard this entire video, especially the first part.

  7. that uh, that Texas joke really aged like milk there, huh?

  8. fun fact. hold L-Shift and left click to spawn more than one staff at a time

  9. Doctors watch this channel? I keep getting ads for medical equipment for surgery and treating illnesses with technology. Wth.

  10. Mmmmh yes, that natural disasters were crazy

  11. This reminds me, back in 2019 I had this terrible prison with 4 medium sized holding cells and 100 prisoners for each. Guards dying left and right, massacres here and there and everything that a concentration/extermination camp needed. No food, no showers, just perpetual torment in the most crowded and dirty holding cell on the planet. Even the Germans would’ve been creeped out by the scene, blood, vomit, shotgun shells all over the floor. Dead bodies of guards and prisoners mixed together and no janitors.

  12. Mf Russian anthem just subtlety playing in the back ground lol

  13. “heeeey, no being unconscious at work. you’re fired.”

    this fucking guy

  14. Earlier today I went to the movies to see the new Top Gun and I ate some french fries that gave me food poisoning. Now I can't sleep, I'm lying down in front of a screen and revisiting alternate states of consciousness. Must I add the jerky camera in this video made this an adventurous endavor?

  15. 5:10 – What's this?
    Russian anthem?

  16. You should do this again with the new Gang Update

  17. "why would you fight me?" yeah prisoners aren't after you they want the gun 😂

  18. "How dare you show up to work dead?!"

  19. "most of them will never get to eat any food" Jesus Christ this started dark and just delved further from the light lol

  20. "We can't fire the dead ones."
    "How dare you show up to work dead."

  21. 5:11 Is that a Soviet/Russian anthem playing on background? Kind of joke about GULAG?

  22. Petition to mod a remove warden arrest version after failing

  23. “It’s gonna make you reconsider this morning thing”.

    Bingo, it’s cancelled, no more breakfast

  24. I don’t know why paradox refuses to put dormitory’s on console I mean even mobile of all things has it so why not console

  25. I always enjoy the SpongeBob references. Makes me feel less like a boomer.

  26. Cook or co*k, misspelled cook can be dangerous

  27. I enjoyed the chaos and anarchy. Please sir, may I have more?

  28. Which team are you on?
    1) Red Rascals
    2) Blue Bandanas
    3) Green Goblins
    4) Unaffiliated Inmates
    5) Naked Unaffiliated Inmates
    6) Guards
    7) Dead, Fired Guards
    8) Government Intervention Forces (GIFs)
    9) Mother Nature & Karmic Disasters

  29. Shit like this actually makes me wanna go and play the game and buy the DLC honestly

  30. The waffle house has chosen a new host

  31. 1 second in and I'm already questioning my sanity.

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