dead battle royale games that failed.. -

dead battle royale games that failed..

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With Fortnite, Warzone, Apex, PUBG all being huge hits there was tons of Battle Royale games that failed. Many of these Battle Royale games are either dead or shut down now.
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  1. I miss Blackout but knew it would die quickly when they tied it to the rest of the 60$ game, instead of going free to play/live service like warzone

  2. Does anyone else find themselves skipping Luke's segments? The dude is so monotone that his segments seem boring to me. It sounds like the dude is sleep deprived in a party chat at 3am as opposed to the lighthearted voiceover Elijah does. I've been watching this channel for a couple years now and I hadn't even memorized Luke's name before I bothered to write this comment. Js, he doesn't seem to add much to the videos when he's not at least interacting with Elijah.

  3. I used to play Realm Royale because I couldn’t stand the building in fortnite. Since Zero Build I’ve had no need to go back to Realm Royale.

  4. Blackout was genuinely so much better than Warzone.

    Something about the CoD feel, but you actually have to find gear & loot was so much more fun than "just get a loadout lmao".

  5. Is it only me that thinks blackout is somehow more enjoyable than Warzone?

  6. 46:35 Darwin Project was so good when it first dropped just a bow, ax, and some traps. With everyone using the same stuff fights felt like if you lost if was because the other person was just better. Its the only BR I think I will miss once this trend is dead.

  7. Battle Royale was a plague and I’m glad it’s mostly gone

  8. Is Rumbleverse similar to Ninjala (gameplay-wise)? I feel like that type of BR is awful and clunky. Pretty sure they're both dead.

    Also, Counter-Strike Danger Zone was pretty dead towards the end of CS:GO. If two million players were on, there's no shot that 20K were playing that awfully slow-paced "battle royale." No way. A couple dozen perhaps on a time when the Apex servers were acting up. It might still arrive to CS2 but they need to significantly improve the map design and looting.

  9. Bruh Blackout didn’t fail. They just wanted to make a BR it’s own standalone cod. Speaking of dead games stick to halo

  10. I don’t remember the name of it but my favourite was the BR that used the assassins creed map. It had tournament style gameplay but it was a BR. Really miss that game

  11. Glad to see Nuclear Winter getting some love in the comments. Was definitely taken for granted by the player base. Too bad it didn't get this much attention when it was around

  12. I mean Arma 2 DayZ Mod was released in 2013, so I really don't think PUBG exploded the popularity. The battle royale genre started there, then it grew bigger with the likes of Minecraft Hunger Games, and this is all years before PUBG even hit.

  13. Man, Apex mobile was honestly a pretty fun time

  14. companies: our videogame is failing and dying what should we do?
    that one guy: lets turn our shitty game into a even a shittier genre everyone hates fortnite battle royal!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I liked blackout more then warzone

  16. Ideas for Part 2:

    Isles of Nyne
    Radical Heights
    Fractured Lands
    Rapture Rejects
    Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
    Bonzai Royale
    Ring of Elysium

    Or you could talk about Mavericks Proving Grounds, the absolute MOST hyped up battle royale that NEVER released

  17. Something else that helped kill BO4 blackout, it was the pay walled DLC weapons, when they started releasing DLC they were usually locked behind the black market, and those that unlocked them could find them in safes that had hard spawns in the map, anyone who didn't have money for the market tokens couldn't get them, unless they wasted hours grinding

  18. Hint showdown only had like 12 players in a lobby. Basically was a take on BR. But is it’s own genre it seems.

  19. Realm Royale was so much fun at its peak

  20. interesting video that i couldnt watch because of the goddamn music

  21. blackout still lives on via call of duty mobile 🙏

  22. I’m surprised Ring of Elysium did not get a mention, that caused some heads to be turned when that was launched.

    Counter Strike being slow and tactical? Tf you’re playing?

  23. I hate how people say blackout failed it didnt it was good for a first cod br it would have been better if warzone wasnt released

  24. One game I loved was ring of elysium that game dying was sad just like dirty bomb dying

  25. I don’t think blackout failed tbh it was good

  26. In regards to warface, the gamemode is currently bugged and doesnt let you get in to a game, its been like this for a month and its the only trophy i have left for the platinum

  27. I played Cuisine Royale a bit with my friends when it first released and I absolutely hated the looting system each weapon had its own ammo type so it made finding a decent amount of ammo super difficult.

  28. 3:30 that's not how it's pronounced

    It's "Appa-latchin" (source: me, an Appalachian native)

  29. The reason nuclear winter failed was because it was full of bugs, they would fix one weeks bugs with a hot patch just to have entirely new bugs, it was a vicious cycle of them getting the game stable and breaking it ever other week

  30. I remember the warface alpha dude. That was fucking weird. It was like BF4 at the time where it all ran in your browser and that's how you joined games, and whatnot before launching the actual game. So everytime you finished a match the game would close, you'd be sent back to your browser, and that's where you'd edit your character/loadout/whatever.

  31. i bet black ops 4 was design to fail. it feels like it was just made to test things, basically made to make warzone great

  32. Black Ops 4 was never finished, all plans for the game including Zombies Chronicles 2 was scrapped for what we have now

  33. Actually a insane majority of the current playerbase wants nuclear winter back since fallout worlds that replaced it is garbage,been playing 76 since beta. Nothings been wrong with the game,the bugs are features 😏

  34. the reason wz1 had to shutdown is that activision wanted more money out of the f2p audience so if they kept wz1 around when they didnt want to support that f2p model it would ultimately cost them more money to keep the servers up well with the amount of greed activision got

  35. FOAD reminds me of the Broken Bones song FOAD (f**k off and die) lol

  36. Darwin was never a hero shooter, it was advertised at E3 with a guy shouting on stage pretending to be a commentator which was a role in game who could support or screw over players, great game even if it was niche i will miss its mechanics dearly

  37. I forgot i have worms rumble, never even launched it lmao

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