Do you remember old livik 必 #pubg -

Do you remember old livik 必 #pubg

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  1. Every one shifts from mobile to I pad but still we don t have any device for gaming

  2. Dont play game like this when i am infront of you

  3. Ni orang reflek nya bner2 dah..gege nya.lincah nya.sakit bgt aim nya? 2 x ni ketemu

  4. Brother, please, the sensitivity code and the control settings code, I am tired and I am asking you for them

  5. The very definition of overcomplicating simple task…

  6. Agar dam hai to meddyplyaz yt 1vs 1 kaeo

  7. Why u have to do this wiggle wiggle things just kill hmi simply

  8. Ye I miss it so much d I'd ranked up kinda fast

  9. Did he just throw back the melee? 不不不

  10. I have seriously tried to be use 5 finger on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 but hard asfh….

  11. It's really nice to play divace support

  12. bhai overacting Kam Kar naa, tu hilta zyada hai, marta Kamm hai. Aur rank kaunsa hai diamond?

  13. Only Wasting bullets and u have device advantage bruh that's why you win last fight

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