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ELITE BARBARIANS Vs MIGHTY MINER – Clash Royale Challenge #399

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MIGHTY MINER Vs ELITE BARBARIANS! Who is the most perfect in clash royale? Clash Royale Challenge! ELITE BARBS vs MIGHTY MINER Game play 1 ON 1 in Clash Royale.


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  2. Ganaron como mitad por la velocidad jajaja

  3. I hope E barbs can slap the Mighty Miner because E Barbs are strong tanks which i love the E barbs because how strong they are and they are insane i hope they can slap the Mighty Miner because they are two of them the E barbs. Best for the E barbs 💪

  4. YES THE E BARBS SLAPPED THE MIGHTY MINER and then again i don't have the game but i wish i did…😔

  5. Elite barbarians they faster stronger and gets the job done

  6. Yeah thats what i mean. You go on twitch, choose least popular, you see a person playing shit and is in arena 3. I mean the music, gameplay, emote spamming and yeah i do a bit better' i mean people would prolly like more to see someone funny spamming emotes and winning 3 Matches in a row plus i played so clean + i was confident. I felt happy in that moment, im learning 2.6 and it feels such nice.. maybe i should stream more cr and spam emotes? i mean the game is really funny and it inspires me to play it when im bored, a nine yr old finishing 2.6 good.. Very good i did a great job. Maybe i should start doing this more! i love the strategy and like thinking. I got the skill for it. And its very fun to live it, i think i get adrenaline from listining to music and yes it feels nice when someone is spectating me while a play. Its really fun! Plus i feel like i can win when i play vs someone thats like level 12/ 11 its really nice feeling when you win it!! 🔥🔥😇

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