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Every Bug in 2021 (Clash Royale) 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Rewind 2021 of Bug Royale with same card glitch, Royal Recruit touchdown glitch, troop exploits, drop glitch, goblin drill stuck, tombstone bug

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  1. saw a fisherman freeze out of nowhere, not behind any troops or anything

  2. That Fisherman canon cart glitch was kinda SUS 😳

  3. Pov Oj Created an Card and Named IT Golden Knight and in the Next Update a champion Coming out withthe Name golden Knight and the Ability that Oj Named

    Wenn you see this like the comment then the Video and sub to OJ

  4. can we see less of your face and more of the actual content. I miss old OJ editing style

  5. good game omps wow hi is clash royale hacer omg 😱😱😱 omad

  6. good game omps wow hi is clash royale hacer omg 😱😱😱 omad

  7. crazy that og predicted the golden knight

  8. I love your chanl I don't know how spell but I love your videos bye


  10. The goblin drill without the star power?

  11. Bro you literally guessed a champion 2 months ago

  12. Oj reacting to himself proves he's a content machine

  13. it's not bugs its just the perks of having clash Royale

  14. 2.6 hog cycle players when they see 8 golems deck : Time for show.

  15. 2:58
    Captain America:I can do this all day
    Oj: I can watch this all day

  16. Let me introduce to you the worst fucking glitch, it fucks you up cuz of lag, for some godforsaken reason if you're lagging and someone plays any card while its happening it wont put down the card for you, but for everyone else it does, your game LITARALLY DOESNT AKNOWELGE IT, and it creates a fake game, where you havent put down that card, and its only on your screen only, that dissapears when the lag stops and shows the real game, and now it gets worse when in your "fake game" your tower gets destroyed, if it does then you cant play cards while the game is still happening, but it isnt showing anything its just the arena and you watching as you actual tower gets destroyed and you cant do anything

  17. I like how he said golden while showing the mega knight

  18. He says level 13 is max out I think he thought this bug Royale 2020

  19. I love the inferno tower one that is BROKEN

  20. There is a bug in clan wars that if a member is fighting in a match right before they lose you can join the match and the game glitches and puts you on spectate mode even tho you're the one playing.

  21. Hello Garina. My account was banned in the game without any reason never. Please check it. Why this injustice? . Thank you for the wonderful service

  22. approximately oj said golem about 31+ times in 20 seconds

  23. 3:50 That golem just defended the barbarian hut on the RIGHT side.

  24. The one that has skeletons on the football game is that the attack of skeletons?

  25. 6 royal recruits by using 5 and 1 then use royalty delivery

  26. Hi it is me 11B views ∙ 3 hours ago says:

    Oj says they should make Goldent Knight with abilities and Here V are with IT. CR Listened to OJ

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