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“All Mobile Battle Royale Games Ranked Worst to Best – Every Game Ranked from Worst to Best (Every Android Game) Ranking Every Game (Every Battle Royale Game) Best Battle Royale Games for iOS, Best Battle Royale Games for Android (Best Mobile Battle Royale) Like Free Fire, Like PUBG Mobile, Like COD Mobile, Like Call of Duty and Like Fortnite”


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Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! This video took me a SUPER long time to make…but I am super happy with how it turned out! I really love mobile battle royale games (iOS and Android games) and I have played over 40 of them in the past couple of years. Which are my favorite? I talk about all of them ranked from worst to best in this video. I tell you all the best mobile battle royale games for Android, iOS, low-end devices, and so much more! This is the ultimate mobile game tier list!

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  1. bro game for peace best game,yov have ranked it very low.I think you have pc game mindset

  2. Awesome video!
    Update with games like Super Mecha Champions, Realm Royale, etc.
    My kids and I love BR games, and your channel is our favorite!

  3. Bro you are wrong rating for Game For Peace he is one of the best game battle royale amezing new modes great event, outfit, gun skins, emotes and most important optimization is great i really like this game 🔥🔥❤️👍🏻

  4. If Cyber Hunter was not infested with cheaters, the game could have a big chance to be popular just like CODM, PUBG etc. The developers worked so hard to ban hundreds of accounts every now and then, yet the game was still full of cheaters. I'll try to check the game soon to see if there are any good updates on it.🙂

  5. Call of duty and pubg is the best to me.its the best mobile games and they are like the same,but different maps and graphics,its a cool game,both.are the best


  7. My indian brothers are gonna be so happy to see ff on s tier😉. Also I don't like it no hate to me:/ cuz I have a good phone and play apex so not in ff

  8. There’s This One Game I Forgot The Name And I’m Trying To Find It Bkut/But I Can’t

  9. How to download the create and destruction I can not find it on my phone help me 😭

  10. My favourite battle royle game is pubg new state

  11. Movie remote game is pixel gun 3-D I’m so sad that you don’t play anymore I just want you to Megan plays routine are you doing those were just so awesome I was like yo how do you guys get so good

  12. Most of these games got shut down 💀

  13. Playing COD Mobile. Currently test play Cyber Hunter and I wonder that game is really addictive and also have PC version.

  14. I played Apex Legends mobile. On a phone in my opinion it's not that good because of too much buttons. It's not comfortable to play even on 4 to 5 finger controls. On tablet it could be good because of a bigger screen to place the controls on a more comfortable position. Also it could be better if you attach keyboard and mouse.

    I like Sausage Man because it's generous when it comes to free cosmetics and has a futuristic battle royale gameplay but the que time is a little long. The costumes, vehicles etc are funny looking in a good way. The characters on the battlefield are easy to spot because of varied colors.

    PUBG New State has lots of bugs. I like flying the drone to spot the enemies so that my teammates can kill them. I don't like that it's too realistic that I can't spot the other players on the screen easily because the colors are not varied enough.

    Fortnite mobile on Android is not optimized. I have a fast phone but it still has fps issues.

    I downloaded Omega Legends because it looks good on the ads that I see. When I played it the movement and animations are too stiff. It's the 1st battle royale and third person shooter that feels too stiff on it's gameplay and animations. It also has ads. Talk about false advertising.

  15. Call of duty grew up in 1 and 2 and 3 and 4

  16. Try Free Fire Max latest version, you will rank it in s+

  17. I miss hopeless land man it was a good game. I don't know why did they shut down the server. It was a great game. R.I.P Hopeless Land we will never forget about you.

  18. I love CODM, U can be magican with hso in BR and in mp of course dlq….amazing

  19. For me the best battle royale is PUBG. Why? Because its quickness, agility and accurate. I played in CODM in Battle royale but the one i hate is its slow in clutching when you are in enemy clash. And the sniper in PUBG is really good compared to CODM. If you love sniper you must play PUBG.

  20. Cod mobile and now waiting for warzone mobile

  21. You said free fire is better than BGMI your tast is childish 😬

  22. I like how you changed from New State a very good game to Operation Freedom 😂 17:02

  23. Please make a video about Super Mecha Champions

  24. Honestly I'll take CoD over everything on the list, I've tried almost all of them, some of them are not even worth the time to try them out. CoD has it all, the basic game modes you can find in FPS, battle royale that's surprisingly better than I expected, very well optimized running even on mid range phones on high settings, compared to PUBG who struggles to keep a stable connection with slow queue times, and most importantly for me at least, fully compatible with ps4/5 and xbox controllers, something that PUBG still doesn't have even after 4 years

  25. Fortnite mobile is just the same thing as creative destruction

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