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EVERY SINGLE Mobile Battle Royale RANKED (iOS & Andriod – 2024)

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“I’ve spent the past month downloading and playing EVERY SINGLE MOBILE BATTLE ROYALE on the App Store, from long-lasting classics such as PUBG, Free Fire, and Call of Duty: Mobile, to the absolute worst ripoff atrocities you could possibly imagine.

Yet there were plenty of mistakes and grievances with my initial videos ranking the games, so to remedy those shortcomings and pool every single game into one place, I officially bring you ‘EVERY SINGLE MOBILE BATTLE ROYALE RANKED’ (as of February 2024)”

Thank you so much for all of your support on these videos — I couldn’t have made them without you.

00:00 Intro
01:08 Disclaimer
01:26 PUBG Mobile
02:09 Call of Duty Mobile
02:47 Free Fire/Free Fire Max
04:09 Farlight 84
04:51 New State
05:10 Super Mecha Champions
05:27 Knives Out
05:51 1v1.LOL
06:11 Cyber Hunter
06:24 Rocket Royale
06:39 Combat Zone
07:05 Pixel Gun 3D
07:24 Sausage Man
07:53 Grand Battle Royale
08:05 Misfit Games I
08:42 Blood Strike
09:10 Warzone
09:44 Disqualified
10:00 High Energy Heroes
10:22 Arena Breakout
10:42 Exposition
10:57 Fortnite
12:07 Disorder
12:44 Misfit Games II
13:11 Every Single Mobile BR
13:46 Addressing the Past
15:00 Outro


  1. I don't know if u did this in your last video but what about badlanders and lost light

  2. Well, well, well….Warzone Mobile aged well

  3. I like call of duty mobile and blood strike and super Mecha champion

  4. I liked new state at first then got bored of it

  5. For clarification:

    I’m only discussing/ranking the battle royale mode in Call of Duty: Mobile, not considering the rest of the game as a factor on the tier list.

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