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New Clash Royale update with Monk, Phoenix, Path of Legends and bug fixes!
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  1. what happens if you are challenger 2 rn but only level 10?

  2. I hane juck koon RM AND V cookies

  3. If your a fan of bts they got a juice update coming had me laughing no wonder he buy bts posters

  4. My only 7 cards are missing (Goblin drill, golden knight,Archer queen,Mighty Miner,Monk and The Phoenix)
    I will be coming in clash royale this update after nearly 1 year.Stay Tuned!

  5. Try video getting champion with lvl 1 or not lvl 14 i let you choose

  6. this actually fixes a lot of mismatching right there
    that was my biggest concern that it was more of p2w game at higher arenas
    but they fixed it and its pretty good and i like it

  7. And then the update launches and you did not get all those Royal Wild chests

  8. The new update eliminated the party mode😢 this game is no longer entertaining!

  9. Locking arenas to levels is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen

  10. I haven’t watched you in a long time, damn you look good after losing weight.

  11. So weird I did not get any of the level up rewards for the new levels I was level 14 and now I’m 42

  12. I got phoneix two times just after update in a gold chest

  13. this is bogus they didn’t give me all the new chests for king levels even tho i’m level 42 i should be able to collect all the unclaimed rewards under

  14. can someone tell me, where is party button now?

  15. This update needs a shitload of fixes bigtime.. first party mode needs to change location.. it sucks where it is… and two some of these unit placements suck dink..

  16. Everything's good except the party mode button. Just hate it! Why did they do that? Seriously! 😐

  17. Holy crap OJ is skinny now and has contacts!! When did this happen? 😂

  18. Oj I’m dropping back in for the first time in year to say that your health looks amazing. Good job man!

  19. They changed the mirror. If you play any card for example zap then and then a champion it will no longer be a mirrored zap its just a unplayable mirror card

  20. This update is garbage this game only gets worst

  21. Night roamer with the chicken strips says:


  22. Why haven’t they added Fisherman’s Float and Shipwreck Island?!

  23. I was very sad when the levels changed, I didn't get all the king chests I skipped out on

  24. Kinda dumb but what about people who are level 50 that only get the last few level up chests compared to people that are like lvl36 that’ll get double the amount of lvl 50 players

  25. Bro I quit 2 updates ago but now i might come back lol!!!

  26. Did they take away 2v2 battles in this new update? I can’t seem to find them

  27. This update makes no sense, why add a competitive mode when trophies pretty much represented your elo what a load of shite

  28. How about the level 1 players? can't play the other arena coz of their experience level

  29. I didn‘t get the chests im Level 42 to

  30. the arena cards are so cursed. they feel adapted to the progression, not the actual theme of the arenas

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