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Evolution of Fortnite Battle Royale 1990-2022

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Evolution of Fortnite Battle Royale 1990-2022


✩ Directed and Produced with Casper Dellé-Rose

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  1. “You landed on tilted towers. That sounds like a peaceful place!”
    Well, they were so wrong.

  2. 2017 was when Fortnite Battle Royale was made by Epic Games. Not 1990.

  3. 6yr olds: wow, fortnite has gone a long way

    13 or more: I have no words for you

  4. I would've thought this was real with how well you edited and programed it. Awesome work.

  5. Fortnite would work so well as a tabletop game like DND

  6. It can't be real. In the 1990s edition, the
    guy did the orange justice which wasn't made until 2018.

  7. I joined fortnite on 2015 and i can approve that on those times it was millions times better.

  8. Baby brazil Countryball (NO TERMINATED MY ACCOUNT) says:

    Fortnite will came in 2017
    Not 1990 or 2011!

  9. 1:10 i saw that victory royale screen now and thats not even the old one

  10. Man the good old days in fortnite save the world I remember crafting my first modded weapon in 2018 man the time has flew by so fast

  11. Probably a seven year old would fall for this

  12. Fortnite used to be a zombie apocalypse game before a battle royale

  13. Some random 8 year old in comments: omg nostalgia

  14. Нулевой год вротнайт сражение динозавров с людми батл роял

  15. Fun fact, fortnight was actually planned back in 2010 but then created back in 2017 so pretty much. All of this wasn’t real except the 2017 part.

    Read More…

  16. No context to those who thought this was real.

  17. i remember playing in 1990, nostalgia

  18. Dude there was 2 Fortnite ads before it started

  19. fun fact: 2011 one was real, its fortnite's early trailer

  20. Bro it said tilted towers was a peaceful place

  21. Bro fortnite battle royale is 6 years old now. (2023)

  22. Like this video for 10 years of amazing luck (MUST TRY)

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