EXPERIMENTAL New Game Mode Added! Two Battle Royale Modes Now! Territory Games io - Territorial IO - battle-crest.com

EXPERIMENTAL New Game Mode Added! Two Battle Royale Modes Now! Territory Games io – Territorial IO

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. Maybe a good solution would be to add some insight into alliances/breaking alliances. For example, if someone broke their alliance with you, you can fullsend on them (or at least send more troops). Other way, that would imo be smarter, would be to keep the fullsends but just nerf the attacks to the ground (as in, the more units you send, the less effective they are). I know that's already the case but nerf it way harder so that fullsends have very little power and THEN if someone breaks an alliance with you, your attacks against that person are way stronger. It would add addtional layers of strategy and thinking before you ally everyone and then randomly break an alliance. Would also make it riskier to make and break alliances overall, as the person you broke the alliance with would have more power in hurting you.
    EDIT: by alliances I mean truce, of course. xD

  2. That's a nice update! I would like to play this mode a lot more than the original one.

  3. Dropping a like and a comment to support your rejection of players with bad names

  4. This game with voice chat like if they were dying and raging😂😂😂😂😂

  5. please make a tutorial in early to late game im always have a big territory but small army in early

  6. I feel sorry for cg bc the past few days has just been a rollercoaster of emotions for him to do with this game. It’s not good for his mental health getting that angry but I’m glad he did get it out his system and is now happy again bc of the new gamemode

  7. I'm glad we get to see how this full send nerf plays out. I still think the game will be better with full sends overall, but it's worth actually testing that and finding out.

  8. Hola! Why don't you attack by using ships to get more territory?

  9. Think one of the players tried to spell newzealand in maori but died

  10. Imo it makes the game worse it is all just a race for land at the start and whoever has the most troops then will have a better chance of winning full send are annoying but can switch up the game

  11. I won the second game in the new gamemode😂

  12. That was a genuinely more entertaining match to watch without full sends

  13. “Third Reich was a fantastic ally” -CG Plays 2022
    A quote for the ages 😆

  14. I expected some sort of compromise, not dissappointed. Also, I would still like to see at least one attempt by you and Corgi to beat Zombie mode.

  15. CG i got an idea, instead of just playing the game with no changes in each video, maybe you could make challenges or add twists or something like that to make the game more interesting

  16. CG, when the font of the players name changes it means they left and are a bot

  17. If you can truce with everyone regardless of name, you can vote for peace with a fantastic ally regardless of name.

  18. It’d be better if the bot replacing the player wouldn’t attack at all. Just to prevent spamming the chat.

  19. I think alliances should have more impact on the game, like for some time (1 minute for exemple) u can't attack your allies, or allies share troops, so if u have 1million troops and your allie have 1 million too the game consider you booth as one so you both have 2 million, if you're attacked both take half of the damage, so it would be much more hard to solo against alliances ,something like that. worth a try I think

  20. Feel bad for the guy with the bad name but also it had to be done

  21. cant be an account without having 1 thousand subs! says:

    You'll be good as long as you don't quit this game!

    They should take out the feature where when a player leaves that they turn in to a bot instead of what happened before

  23. this is so much more entertaining. i got bored watching your videos because every time you'd win, it would be due to complete luck of your neighbours fullsending each other. this video however, you could pick your targets without having to worry about being fullsent.

  24. This is good because it splits the difference. The people who love full sends can still do that while the ones that don't can also still do it.

  25. I was that third reich guy and you broke me heart

  26. I really think your making a bigger deal out of his name then u need to

  27. 12:19 Because you had smaller borders, it appeared that your attack did more damage than it did. However, if you look at the total pixel count and their army size, you can see that Player 87 was actually over-attacking you, but the gain seemed smaller because you had larger borders.

  28. Third Reich when GG attack Reich:🙅🏻‍♂️

  29. GG you can finish the game when you got the crown

  30. Very nice too see from the devs that you can choose between the modes, id love to see more of this mode. Seeing you this exited about this game again puts a smile on my face. Just play the mode your more enjoying, as long as your happy playing im happy watching😁

  31. I have a question how do one play this game on pc .I have been playing this on my mobile device but now I have my computer back so I want to play this on my pc. great videos btw, keep it up.

  32. I think this game mode is the perfect compromise to the fullsend divide within the community.

  33. true dat no peace for those bad names

  34. Glad to see you having fun with the game with the new mode !

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