FIRST TIME EVER PLAYING FORTNITE | Fortnite: Battle Royale (n00b) -

FIRST TIME EVER PLAYING FORTNITE | Fortnite: Battle Royale (n00b)

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You guys have asked and asked so, HERE WE GO!

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  1. Bro it yo boy I can beat you in Fortnite if you can beat him say Fortnite in comments

  2. I was the one who killed you one more night

  3. Did anyone saw Fortnite on his PlayStation. ((Its was in resident evil gameplay.))

  4. Ur the same as me Cory 1st time playing and a geting a victory in first round

  5. The fact that coryxkenshin said hes lame is so painful to see

  6. YO IM BETTER THEN CORY I GOT 3 VICTORIES THE FIRST TIME I PLAYED (my cousin helped me learn the controls and tell me what to do) BUT THE 2 VICTORIES I GOT WAS WITH NO HELP

  7. They should release Cory as an icon skin

  8. “I like white women but I don’t want to be one”😂

  9. Anyone else watch this in 2023 the good old days

  10. Anyone else watching this in 2023 that was the good times 🙁

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