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Fortnite Battle Royale Review

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Fortnite Battle Royale reviewed by Austen Goslin on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and iOS. Also available on Android.

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  1. Outlast Whistleblower: 6/10
    Fortnite: 9/10

    This is absolutely hilarious and IGN should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Doom 2016 = 7.1
    Doom eternal = 9
    Fortnite = 9.6
    Who reviews this is 12 year olds

  3. metro exodus got 8.5 and this piece of garbage gets 9.6 XDDDDD

  4. To be honest Fortnite’s not that bad of a game compared to others I’ve seen played, and it’s actually pretty fun once you get decent at it, but it definitely doesn’t deserve a 9.6. Especially when you’ve rated other games which are better and are higher quality than Fortnite lower scores than this, such as Hollow Knight, Doom, The Witcher 3, etc.

  5. Detroit: Become Human: 8/10

    Fortnite: 9.6/10

  6. Adam from the popular film "The bee movie." says:

    Hades: 9.0/10
    Cuphead: 8.8/10
    Hollow knight: 9.4/10
    Witcher 3: Wild hunt: 9.3/10
    Super smash bros: Ultimate: 9.4/10
    Doom eternal: 9.0/10
    The legend of zelda: A link between worlds: 9.4/10
    Ghost of Tsushima: 9.0/10
    Titanfall 2: 9.0/10
    Shovel knight: 9.0/10
    Terraria: 9.0/10
    Minecraft: 9.0/10
    Metroid prime trilogy: 9.5/10
    Call of duty modern warfare 2: 9.5/10
    The Stanley Parable: 8.8/10
    Ratchet and clank: 9.0/10
    Mass effect: 9.4/10
    Half life: 9.5/10
    Subnautica: 9.1/10
    Psychonauts: 8.8/10
    Demon's souls ps5: 9.0/10
    Spider man ps4: 8.7/10
    Assassin's creed Valhalla: 8.0/10
    Tony Hawk's pro skater 1+2: 9.0/10
    Borderlands 2: 9.0/10
    The elder scrolls V: Skyrim: 9.5/10

    Fortnite: 9.6/10

  7. Fortnite isn’t a bad game but it is definitely not a 9.6
    I’d give it a 6.7

  8. Ign: yeah guys let's give a great game 7/10 and other great games bad ratings
    but well give Fortnite a 10/10

  9. Detroit Become human: 8.0 (mine is 10)

    Fortnite 9.6 (mine is 7.0)

  10. Fortnite is full of toxic little money wasting kids.

  11. This reviewer is a huge fortnite fanboy to give it a 9.6.

  12. People are forgetting they reviewed this a long time ago. It was more simple and generally loved better. Dont compare new game reviews to this because if ign reviewed it again, it'd proabably get a 7

  13. Yakuza: Like a Dragon 7/10
    Fortnite 9.6/10
    IGN is a joke

  14. No way fortnite is higher than Animal Crossing New Leaf

  15. 3/10 purely because it keeps toxic 9 year olds away from other games

  16. I’m thinking two thing right now
    1. Why is this recommended
    2. Fortnite has a 9.6??!!

  17. It's been 3 years and it's still funny to me to see people to this day arguing about this meme.

  18. JR is wrong. This augmented reality doesn't need to be "indistinguishable from reality". It just needs to tick all the boxes, and people will simply value experience over reality.

  19. Fortnite gameplay: wandering around finding weapons for 5 minutes until a 10 year old shoots you in the back.
    IGN: gives it one of the highest ratings ive ever seen.

  20. Fortnite: 9.6/10
    Elden ring: 10/10

    We won champions.

  21. Bioshock infinite : 9.5
    Fortnite: 9.6

    I think I'm having a nightmare

  22. A hat in time: 8/10
    Guardians of the Galaxy: 8/10
    Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: 8/10
    Fortnite: 9.6/10

  23. Hollow knight receives a 9.4
    Fortnite gets a 9.6.
    I need the stuff that the reviewers of IGN have been smoking.

  24. Far cry 5: 8.9/10
    Marvel's spider-man: 8.7/10
    Far cry 4: 8.5/10
    Far cry new dawn: 7.5/10
    Mario Strikers: Battle League: 8/10
    Marvel's spider-man Miles morales: 9/10
    Fallout 4 = 9.5
    Skyrim = 9.5
    Fortnite: 9.6/10

    Me: Depression mode activates.

    Yeah, IGN officially pays their employees with weed.

  26. Review Fortnite Save The World, not Fortnite Battle Royale

    At least Fortnite Save The World is an actual game

  27. ur so bad who tf builds sky base with 2 floors wtf l2p kiddo

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