Fortnite Season 9 RAP SONG "Future" | Rockit Gaming (Battle Royale) -

Fortnite Season 9 RAP SONG “Future” | Rockit Gaming (Battle Royale)

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Fortnite Season 9 Rap Song “Future” | Rockit Gaming (Battle Royale). Tilted Towers is now Neo Towers, along with the Pump Shotgun removal! This song is a social commentary about Season 9! Let us know what you think about the new meta in the comments! #Fortnite #FortniteSeason9 #RockitGaming #GameOn
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✦Artwork by Grimmstein✦

Neon lights
What a time to be a
Live I got something on my mind
Like the

[Verse 1]
No guns
Lookin around Drum Gun
Or One Pump
Can’t find one
Vaultin all my weapons
Future feeling like a hijack
I’m gonna I’m gonna fight back
Epic is makin us do dat
I guess it’s not really that bad
Who said that I’d have to listen
Stop it I’m sick of the bitching
The future is holdin a vision
Even though your favorite weapons vaulted for an instant
Missin tell me who’s ass are you kissin
Maybe it’d be better if you made your own opinions shit man

Neon lights
What a time to be a
Live I got something on my mind
Like the

[Verse 2]
Come out that vault and be like
My world changed
These tilted towers looking
Re Re re re
Thought we was in there stuck
Robotic chickens cluck
Un-vault the deadly drum
But all I’m thinking where’s my pump

Slipping through these streams
Like my wildest dreams
With a combat shotgun
Bring ‘em to their knees
While they plead for forgiveness
I’m no judge
So what can I give them?

Well it sure as hell won’t be a one pump
Cause they stole it right before the world cup
What a bunch of corporate inconsiderate
Consider this
You might’ve well have spit on us

But hey
The map looks great
Maybe we’ll overlook
That pointless meta change
Maybe on account
You’ll lose 26 percent of your player base
In Epic’s world
The CEO’s probably get a raise
Extend their holidays
When things go up in flames
When communities that dedicate our lives
Just to play your game

This my way of peaceful commentary
So please leave a comment if you’re wary
Of what the future holds
Cause it’s looking fuckin’ scary



  1. If I was in a party and everybody else know rocket gaming I would put this songs for days and y’all other songs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😋😋😋😋

  2. Yo this was good, I wonder though if you guys could do this zombie game called Days Gone, just a suggestion

  3. I don't get how you 1000 subs

  4. This is so cool. I love this. )B3 Especially the Bitchin' part.

  5. Hi, when this song will be on spotify?

  6. I am really sorry for leaving a dislike on you guys, because i allways enjoyed your music I mean i am here since 18k, but this felt just like you didn't even like making this song and i would understand. This is not the style you are known for.

  7. I freaking hate Fortnite. But u still make awesome Music


  9. I can't believe that is out I love it😋😉

  10. The reason I unsubscribed from Rockit:


  11. Me and my frend did a sing chalin and i sing this song and won

  12. I love the song 💀🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

  13. This song was good but it was kinda lame my opinion no one yell at me please

  14. Oh my god dawg I didn’t expect it to be this dang FIRE 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. compared to nerdout and this song there all good 🙂

  16. The future of this song is reach thw 1,000,000 Views

  17. The chorus of this rap sounds like something I'd hear on the radio

  18. Cool😀😃😄😘😗😳😍😙😝😚😁😔

  19. Oh I mean It’s Elizabeth’s son manny

  20. Chapter 2 Season 2 update games queit equal as 9
    -Games ok to say the least

  21. Chapter 2, Season 1-2 Players: I’d rather have Season 9 Chapter 2, Season 3 Players: OH GOD NO EPIC ITS SEASON 9 ALL OVER AGAIN

  22. What happened with chapter 2? Did fortnite just go to a different universe?

  23. Might be nostalgia but This song is still so so so great. Even if that time period is over 🥲

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